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Here you will find useful information about the benefits, advantages, ingredients and side effect of AEON 5000 HGH.

The Wonders Of AEON 5000 HGH

AEON 5000 is an oral spray enhancer, which is specially designed by the Anti Aging Research Laboratories. It is considered to be the most potent and best quality of orally ingestible growth hormone. Using the latest and most advanced technology, the Anti Aging Research Laboratories, have prepared this strong nutritional tool which improves the quality of life and makes individuals look younger. Their main ingredient of the product is called the ‘growth factor’ which provides naturally occurring growth hormone 2445 nanograms per serving.

What does AEON 5000 HGH guarantee?

The recorded benefits of the use of AEON 5000 include:

• Increased levels of energy and stamina
• Elevated mood
• Better skin complexion with increased elasticity and improved texture
• Fuller and more beautiful looking hair. It is also known to fight hair loss
• Improved memory, enhanced concentration and more acute brain functioning
• Increased libido and sexual satisfaction
• Improved and sharp vision
• Stronger immune system and ability to fight infections
• Reduction in generalized joint pain
• Increased mineralization in the bones and reduced incidence of fractures
• Quick healing of wounds and hastened recovery from injury
• Deeper and more restful sleep
• Reduced menopausal problems like hot flushes, irritability and anxiety

Each container provides 64 servings, considering three sprays per serving. This implies that each bottle will last a minimum of 30 days ( if taken twice a day)
AEON has been identified as a dietary supplement and doesn’t require FDA approval. It is a legitimate product
No side effects of the use of the product have been recorded till date making the product fairly safe for use

Maximizing the benefits of AEON 5000 HGH

• The dosage needs to be optimum to ensure the benefits. It is essential to take three full sprays, in the morning, immediately on waking up or at least fifteen minutes before breakfast and three sprays at night after brushing and before going to bed. Spray under the tongue or inner cheek to hasten absorption.

• Don’t swallow immediately; it is vital that the Growth Factor from the product remains in your mouth for about a minute before it is swallowed. Also, do not eat or drink at least twenty minutes after using the spray.

• Regular exercising will increase the growth hormone action.

• The diet should contain adequate quantities of protein to ensure tissue regeneration.

• Concurrently, a good night’s sleep is also critical to support the process of regeneration and to stimulate the production of HGH naturally.

• Make sure that you consume at least three liters of water each day, which will help maintain the hydration levels and support elimination of toxins.

• Avoid the consumption of soda, sugar, candy or other snack products. Specifically reduce the consumption of tobacco and alcohol.

• To observe the true benefits of the product, it is essential to ensure that you try the use of the product for a minimum period of three to six months.