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Read the Following article on "Advantages Of HGH".

Top 10 advantages of HGH:

We all want a healthy body. This is the reason why we are constantly in search of new supplements in the market which will help us live longer, healthier lives.

At present, more people are becoming aware of the benefits that HGH brings. Human growth hormone is a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland in response to the body’s need of growth and development. Human growth hormone is secreted in great amounts during infancy and all throughout childhood up to puberty. This is why we grow taller, are more energetic, are strong and develop muscles fast during the growth phase. However, as we age, human growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary in lesser amounts. Thus, our muscles and skin sag, we get easily tired as we age, and we feel less energetic than that we have felt before when we were young. Aging has been attributed by many to the low levels of HGH which maintains youth, growth, regeneration and vitality.

But what are the advantages of HGH? The following are the top ones.

1. Healthier skin and scalp:
Human growth hormone promotes healthier hair and scalp because it makes the body capable of building and strengthening connective tissue. The connective tissue determines the occurrence of sagging ad wrinkles. HGH binds directly to the connective tissue cells and stimulates the release of growth factors that lead to connective tissue regeneration.

2. Increase in energy and vitality:
Human growth hormone leads to an increase in energy because it facilitates the burning of fat and free glucose. Thus not only do you lose weight even during sleep and resting periods, you also have a renewed sense of energy and vitality which is beneficial for active people such as athletes.

3. Strengthens bone:
Human growth hormone stimulates the growth and development of osteocytes, which are precursor cells of bone tissue. It also acts on the growth plates to permit one to grow tall even after puberty. HGH also increases calcium resorption so this results to a stronger bony matrix.

4. Increases sexual power and libido:
HGH also enhances testosterone in males which also increases sexual performance and fertility.

5. Improves muscle strength and mass:
Human growth hormone promotes the growth and development of muscle tissue so that not only is there an increase in muscle fiber size but also in the number of muscle cells

6. Burns fat:
HGH burns fat and utilizes this as a source of energy so that you lose weight and gain more energy

7. Improves memory:
HGH is seen to improve memory in the elderly and in students because it releases amino acids which power up the brain

8. Improves organ functioning:
The growth hormone improves functioning of kidneys, liver and heart and also prevents formation of atheromas or fatty plaques in the blood vessels

9. Strengthens Immune system:
HGH is said to strengthen the immune system and stimulates the formation of white blood cells which defend the body against infections.

10. Promotes hair growth:
HGH also acts on hair cells and promotes healthy growth of hair.