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Read the Following article on "Adverse Effects Of HGH".

The Adverse Side Effects of HGH

Everything in excess is bad. This also holds true to medications of all sorts. And this also holds true to HGH.

You have probably heard a lot about HGH. HGH is the latest breakthrough in the field of anti-aging and muscle building. This is because of the anabolic effects that HGH brings which promotes growth and development of body tissues. However, human growth hormone is not without controversies. The public is also becoming more wary about its adverse effects.

However, it has been proven that HGH when used under medical supervision is safe and has few side effects. Yet, for the benefit of all, let us elaborate what these adverse effects of HGH are.


Acromegaly is a term used to denote the enlargement of body parts and organs. At first glance, being a giant is too good to be true. However, if almost all your body parts and organs are increasing in size beyond control, this poses a threat to your life. People with acromegaly often have overgrowth of facial bone and connective tissue, which makes them have a protruding jaw and bony prominences in the area around the eyes. They also have abnormal growth of hands and feet and have a large amount of hair growing all over their body. This condition seems benign but can cause premature deaths.

Heart enlargement

In addition to acromegaly, people with excess HGH can also develop enlargement of the heart which makes the heart muscle and the valves function poorly in delivering blood to all over the body.

Low blood sugar

Human growth hormone in excess can also cause the body to have low blood sugar and can make the person go into a diabetic coma.


Edema is also one of the adverse effects of human growth hormone which is seen as swelling of hands, feet and face. This is an uncomfortable condition and occurs because of excessive water retention cause by excess amounts of HGH.

Organ failure

Your liver and also your kidney will also fail to function well and will enlarge. If you develop liver failure, you may have jaundice or yellowish discoloration of skin and sclerae. Your liver will also fail to detoxify substances and this will lead to toxicity and will result into hepatic coma. Your kidneys will also be affected as a result and you will retain water, will have difficulty in urination and will also be a subject to the numerous complications caused by kidney failure such as hypertension, uremia, pericarditis, pleural effusion or fluid in the lungs, recurrent urinary tract infections which can also lead to sepsis and to death later on.