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Here you will find useful information about the benefits, advantages, ingredients and side effect of Ageforce Continuous Sequence HGH Oral Spray.

Age force: HGH Oral Spray

Age Force is very popular brand which provides high quality HGH products in the market. There are several oral spray products developed by this company. One of the product is “Continuous Sequence HGH Oral Spray” which is a homeopathic formula and is absorbed by the oral mucosa. It is essential to differentiate this product from other Age Force products. as some of them are nasal sprays.

As per the US Food and Drug Administration, HGH sprays are Dietary supplements and can be purchased from any retail store or online, without a doctor’s prescription. Age Force products have a unique FDA registration number on each bottle making them more authentic, compared to other products in the market. Furthermore, these products are prepared in the United States. This ensures that Age Force products undergo a rigid quality control and inspection checks, since they are manufactured in US FDA certified laboratories. This is an important difference, compared to other oral sprays which are imported from other countries, and have poor quality control standards and lack infrastructure to ensure good quality.

Ingredients of Age Force Continuous Sequence HGH Oral Spray

The active ingredients of the oral spray include: Human Growth Hormone (3C/30C), Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (3C/30C), Zinc Met (3x/6x), Albumin (5x), Cervi Cornu (3C/30C), Spirulina (in different potencies), Chlorella (in different potencies), L- Arginine (in different potencies), GABA (6x), B complex vitamins and L-Lysine (in different potencies)

Safety and Efficacy

Age Force Continuous Sequence HGH Oral Spray is a homeopathic formula, which is very safe for short term and long term use. The product is currently being used by several thousands of people, without any side effects. However, the Age Force Continuous Sequence HGH Oral spray is not recommended during pregnancy or in breast feeding mothers, and is not recommended to be used by anyone under the age of 18 years, without the prior consultation of a physician.

With regards to the benefits and efficacy of the product, a detailed study was conducted, to validate the effectiveness of Age Force supplements. The first reported benefit of the use of the product includes - deep and better sleep and a feeling of refreshment on getting up. The product creates a general sense of wellbeing and makes you more optimist about life. What‘s more, as per studies, the benefits of HGH oral sprays come sooner, if the use of the product is complemented with a well balanced diet rich in proteins and regular exercise.

Directions for use of Age Force Oral HGH spray

• The recommended dose is four sprays about three times each day. However, one can increase the frequency of the use over a period of time to increase efficacy. Don’t increase the dose (i.e. don’t take more than three sprays each time)

• It is best to allow the content of the spray to remain in your mouth for about two minutes. Do not swallow. This will allow the absorption of adequate quantity of the product and will also increase the speed of absorption.