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Top Five Benefits of HGH for Athletes

Athletes are in constant stress and strain each day and they need a supplement to boost them up. A perfect supplement for athletes is one that shapes up muscles, loses excess fat to make the body shape up, gives energy to make them last long in exercise, and gives them extra strength and endurance.

Human growth hormone, popularly known as HGH is one such substance. HGH has been in the market for quite some time now and is now a popular supplement among athletes and bodybuilders. But what really makes human growth hormone an ideal supplement for athletes? The following are the top reasons why.

Builds muscles

Human growth hormone is an anabolic hormone which builds up muscle. It does this by directly binding to the target cells by means of specialized receptors. This then creates the release of growth hormones and chemical messengers which speed up proliferation and growth of cells and tissues. It increases the size of muscle cells, a change we term as muscle hypertrophy. In addition, these muscle cells increase in number. This in turn increases both muscle size and muscle bulk.

Increases Height

Human growth hormone acts on the bone cells, especially on the growth plates. The growth plates are the areas at the ends of long bones which expand when stimulated by human growth hormone to make us grow taller. Unfortunately, these growth plates close when we are past puberty. Human growth hormone acts on these growth plates even when you have reached adult age so that you can get taller even if you are past puberty. HGH also increases resorption of calcium so as to provide raw material for bony framework. Thus athletes can be assured that they will still grow big ad tall with human growth hormone.

Burns fat

Human growth hormone also burns fat and available glucose in the bloodstream after we take in food. This is because human growth hormone releases a substance called insulin like growth factor or IGF-1 in the liver. This substance cause the body to burn free glucose first for energy thus does not enable it to be stored as fat in the subcutaneous tissue. HGH also facilitates the burning of stored fat especially in the belly. This is of prime importance to athletes because excess weight slows you done in your performance.

Provides Extra energy

By burning available glucose and stored fat even when you are asleep or resting, there is a ready supply of energy, thus giving extra strength to athletes and endurance to perform well.

Strengthens bones and connective tissue

Human growth hormone also strengthens ligaments, bones, tendons and cartilage. This is important to athletes because old injuries will heal faster than the usual rate and this can minimize the occurrence of other injuries as well.