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HGH Improves Cardiac Functions. Read the following to find how.

The Human Growth Hormone is called the chief hormone in the body, because, it controls all the vital and critical functions, that are necessary for life and sustenance. The growth hormone influences practically every tissue and cell in the body. It governs growth and development, controls repair of wear and tear, manages metabolic activities, directs the working of all the organs within the body, and sustains health and well being.

HGH enhances Cardiac Functions

There has been significant amount of research conducted, that lists down the potential benefits of the Human Growth Hormone for the treatment of cardiac conditions. Studies have indicated that HGH has been useful in the management of Chronic Cardiac Failure (CCF) and idiopathic dilated Cardiomyopathy (IDC).

In a recent study, seven patients (five males and two females), with moderate to severe form of cardiomyopathy and cardiac failure, were treated with 14 IU of Human Growth Hormone alongside the conventional treatment for a period of three months, followed by discontinuation of the treatment for the next three months. The findings of the study indicated that Growth Hormone was responsible for improving the cardiac output, improving the ventricular function by 200 % and increasing the exercise capacity appreciably. When the treatment was discontinued, most of the beneficial effects got reversed. A second study emphasized the benefits highlighted in this study. The second study concluded that use of Growth Hormone in association with conventional treatment regimen, not only reduced the workload on the cardiac muscles but also reduced the levels of hormone Aldosterone.

In anther study conducted by Dr. Clemmons, Chief of Endocrinology, University of North Carolina, showed the benefits of HGH therapy on patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder as well. Here, improved level of oxygenation in the blood, reduced work load of the cardiac muscle cells, improved cardiac output and enhanced cardiac functions were observed. In the study, Dr. Clemmons noted that the increase in maximum force was in the range of 10 mmHg to 12 mmHg. In addition, the research has shown that HGH receptors are found in the highest concentration in the muscles of the heart, which is believed to be the reason for enhanced cardiac functions with an increase in the level of HGH in the blood.

HGH has a Powerful action on the Muscles of the Heart

The favorable effect of HGH therapy on the heart is by way of its ability to increase the contractile function of the cardiac cells, which improves the use of energy and mechanical efficiency. The myo-filaments (i.e. muscle fibres in the cardiac cells) lose their contractile force, as their sensitivity to calcium decreases, which in turn results in cardiac failure. The Growth Hormone increases the sensitivity of myocardiacal cells to calcium, consequently, increasing the contractile force and averting cardiac failure.

These findings were published in the Journal of Pharmacotherapy in 2000, as these physiological changes were observed in animal studies conducted with the use of growth hormone. It was found that Growth Hormone improves cardiac hemodynamics, which improves calcium sensitivity, which in turn improves myofilament function, and finally enhances the use of energy by cardiac cells, all of which greatly reverses the cycle of declining cardiac function.

HGH Promotes Cardiac Health

Human Growth hormone provides a wide range of benefits in the enhancement of cardiac functions. In addition to increasing the contractile force of the myocardial muscles, HGH has other benefits which contribute to improving cardiac functions and cardiovascular health,

It changes the blood lipid profile, by reducing the level of the bad cholesterol (LDL) and improving the levels of the good cholesterol (HDL), and thereby preventing atherosclerosis

It improves the pulmonary capacity, which in turn improves the level of oxygenation of the blood, which subsequently helps reduce the workload on the heart muscles

There is evidence that the use of HGH injections produces a faster effect, however, the use of HGH supplements is safer and a cost effective option. The HGH supplements stimulate the natural production of HGH, and hence limits the magnitude of the side effects. However, prior to selecting any course of HGH treatment, it is vital to seek medical advice.

Other Significant Benefits that HGH offers