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HGH Increases Height. Read the following to find how.

Height is a crucial aspect of one’s life, since it impacts the social status, attractiveness and overall physical structure. Further, being tall is an integral part for certain professionals like athletes, sports personalities, armed forces, etc. Height is determined by a host of factors ranging from genetics, environmental factors, to diet and lifestyle. The increase in height in humans takes place till the epiphyseal plate (i.e. the cartilaginous tissue located at either ends of long bones) are active. Once this cartilaginous tissue gets converted into solid bone, increase in height is practically impossible.

The human growth hormone has been used effectively in children suffering from growth hormone deficiency, manifested as short stature and poor physical build. The use of HGH therapy has been approved in children with growth hormone deficiency by the Food and Drug Administration. HGH is the best solution for increasing one’s height, provided the epiphyseal plates are active.

How does HGH help increase height?

HGH or the Growth Hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland, after the stimulation by the Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) by the hypothalamus. HGH then travels into the blood stream and stimulates the production of an intermediate factor, IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor-1). IGF-1 stimulates the replication and growth of cartilaginous tissue cells located in the growth plates (i.e. epiphyseal plates at either ends of the long bones). This in turn, increases the length and the size of bone tissue. Subsequently, the epiphyseal plates transform into a solid bone mass, which halts the growth of bone and limits the increase in height.

The use of Human Growth Hormone therapy under medical supervision is fairly safe and effective. However, irrational use without medical advice may result in abnormal growth of the bones of hands and feet which may result in a condition called “acromegaly”. Hence, it is always recommended that growth hormone supplements or injections, need to be taken in consultation with the doctor, to minimize the risk of complications.

Benefits of use of HGH over other conventional techniques to boost height

There is enough empirical and clinical evidence to suggest that HGH is a strong stimulator for increase in height. As per recent studies the use of the growth hormone can boost height by almost five to six inches in a matter of few months. In comparison, conventional techniques like stretching and exercising, help increase height by a couple of inches, and can take up to several years to show. Even the use of herbal supplements has not been found to be 100 % effective. On the other hand, the effects of HGH are permanent, long lasting, quick and easily visible. In addition to the benefits in increasing height, HGH also provides other remarkable benefits like reduction in fat deposition and increase in lean muscle mass. All these combined benefits of HGH, can help an individual attain a good height with a well defined body contour.

Additional guidelines to enhance the effect of HGH to increase height

HGH is undoubtedly the best solution to increase height in children, provided the epiphyseal plates have not solidified. However, certain other measures coupled with the use of HGH can promote phenomenal growth in height. These include:

• Consuming a well balanced, protein rich diet supplies adequate building blocks for the growth of bones. Consumption of calcium rich foods like green leafy vegetables, eggs and milk can enhance the effect of HGH appreciably.

• Regular exercise like stretching, jumping, running, etc will help stimulate the natural production of HGH, which in turn, can contribute to a better height.

• Adequate amount of sleep is essential to help increase height. The natural production of HGH is boosted during deep sleep, thus, sleeping well, promises an increased production of the growth hormone, and consequently, an augmentation of the height..

Other Significant Benefits that HGH offers