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Here you will find useful information about the benefits, advantages, ingredients and side effect of Beverly International GH Factor.

Product Overview

Beverly International Growth Hormone Factor is a pill based supplement, for enhancing the production of Human Growth Hormone in the body. The product manufactures claim that the product is composed of ingredients which have proven to be highly effective and extremely safe.

The product comprises of a combination of Arginine Pyroglutamate (2400 mg) with Lysine Monohydrochloride (2400 mg). Research studies conducted, have shown that the benefits of these two components are enhanced when the pills are consumed on an empty stomach and these ingredients stimulate the production of Growth Hormone by the pituitary gland naturally. The benefits of this product include - acceleration of fat loss, hastened recovery of injuries and wounds and augmentation of the lean muscle mass. Furthermore, since the product has only two basic and essential amino acids, it has a fairly limited possibility of developing any complications or side effects. On an average, the product produces beneficial results within a month of starting the course.

Problems related to Beverly International GH Factor

The product has a basic blend which is highly effective and stimulates the secretion of HGH by the pituitary gland; there are some technique problems:

• Firstly, since the product contains only two of the essential amino acids (which is considered to be beneficial as it has targeted effect), over a period of time, the body gets adjusted to the specific growth hormone stimulation and makes the product less effective. This will require you to shift to another product, after an initial period of using Beverly International Growth Hormone Factor.

• Secondly, in the retail market, the product is valued at $46, with discounts making the product available in $35. However, there are other products with the same quantity and composition as Beverly International GH Factor available for $20 to $25.

• Finally, for the product to be fully efficient, six pills have to be taken, in the morning and six in the evening. This implies that the recommended dosage is 12 pills per day. A bottle of Beverly International GH Factor provides 180 pills which suffices your needs for 15 days only. This implies that an individual would spend about three to four times more for one month’s therapy, when compared to other similar HGH supplement products in the market.

The product has been noted to provide some crucial benefits in terms of improving circulation, strengthening tendons and muscles, increasing energy levels, burning down fat and improving the sexual drive. Moreover, the product has been beneficial in the enhancement of metal acuity, increasing the levels of concentration, alleviating signs of depression and creating an overall sense of wellbeing. The biggest advantage of this simple composition formula product is the considerable reduction in the possibility of developing side effects, compared to other multiple composition formulations.

On the other hand, the Beverly International’s Growth Hormone Factor has relatively short term effects and is fairly expensive compared to other similar products available in the market. This has disappointed the users and the product has fallen back in the very competitive HGH product market.