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Here you will find useful information about the benefits, advantages, ingredients and side effect of BioRenew Real HGH Plus IGF 1.

Overview of Bio Renew Real HGH Plus IGF-1

An oral spray, prepared using the homeopathic method, Bio Renew Real HGH Plus IGF-1 claims to provide all the benefits of HGH supplementation, including, reduction of cellulite, increase in energy levels, enhanced exercise endurance, improved sexual functions and improved cosmetic features. The product combines the benefits of Homeopathy, with the use of HGH to revitalize and regenerate vital organs, control blood pressure, improve levels of blood cholesterol and increase overall vitality.

Composition of Bio Renew Real HGH Plus IGF-1

The most essential constituent of Bio Renew Real HGH Plus IGF-1 is Somatotropin or HGH, along with insulin like growth factor-1 which is available in the concentrations of 6x,12x and 30x. Further, there are a host of homeopathic drugs in different potencies, which benefit different systems of the body. This product contains Abrotanum (enhances muscle strength and promotes muscular growth), Anacardium Orientale (stabilizes the mood), Arsenicum Album (improves vitality), Calcarea Carbonica (strengthens the bones, reduces fat, and improves mental functions), Baryta Muricatica (enhances memory functions and works on the heart), Ferrum Metallicum ( improves blood circulation and enhances vitality), Fucus Vesiculosus (reduces fat deposition, especially in association with hormonal imbalance), Ignatia Amara (mood elevator and fights depression ), Silicea (hastens healing and boosts he defense mechanisma), Lycopodium (manages truncal obesity), Magnesium Phosphorica (strengthens bones and enhances mineralization) and a host of other micro-energy nutrients. In addition, the product contains other supplements like Selenium, Ginseng, Ornithine and HGH Release Factor. The manufacturers also claim that Bio Renew Real HGH Plus IGF-1 contains pituitary (non animal), RNA-DNA (non animal) and Colostrum (non-animal).

Bio Renew Real HGH Plus IGF-1 and Homeopathy

Bio Renew Real HGH Plus IGF-1 is prepared using the concepts of homeopathy, whereby, the ingredients are diluted to the extent that only their imprints are available, and the actual ingredients can not be detected. However, evidence from user testimonials have clearly highlighted that the product has proved effective, and is extremely safe. The use of the product has not been associated with any adverse side effects.

Directions for use

Like other oral spray products, BioRenew Real HGH Plus IGF-1 is also absorbed through the mucus membrane of the oral cavity. Three full sprays at least twice a day is the recommended dosage from the product. Don’t swallow the constituents of the spray, this would not produce the desired results.

Certain concerns about Bio Renew Real HGH Plus IGF-1:

• Firstly, the product claims to use Somatotropin (i.e. the real human HGH), which is banned from being used for over 20 years now as it is known to cause a dreaded disease called the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). This questions the integrity of the product manufacturers.

• Secondly, the BioRenew Real HGH Plus IGF-1 claims to contain pituitary and colstorum from non animal sources. However, pituitary is a part of the endocrinal system, which is found only in animals and colstorum is a part of breast milk which can’t be derived from non animal sources

• BioRenew Real HGH Plus IGF-1 is sold in the market for $49.95. This is fairly more expensive than other similar oral spray products and homeopathic products that are available in the market.