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The Different Brands of HGH

Human growth hormone is a remarkable hormone. This hormone, which is secreted by the pituitary gland during childhood to puberty, does wonders of making the cells and tissues in the body grow and develop. It also governs the secretion of all other hormones in the body such as estrogen and testosterone. It holds the secret towards youth and vitality. Thanks to modern science, this hormone can be administered as injections, pills or sprays to make us combat the signs of aging in our body.

Now, these HGH products are being advertised on the internet and on the media. Thus it is necessary for us consumers to know about the different brands of HGH. However, it is necessary for us to know that these brand names are produced in different cell lines.


This is a common type of human growth hormone. The HGH in this product is genetically engineered, that means, the hormone was produced by inserting a gene into laboratory cell lines to produce the desired protein, growing huge numbers of these cells, then purifying out the protein they produce for subsequent human use. The insertion of genes into cells is known as recombinant gene technology.

The use of recombinant HGH was first done by Genentech of South San Francisco, California, and was approved for sale by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in October 1985.

The trouble with these genetically engineered HGH is that it is expensive, the cost of which is several thousands of dollars per year.

However, aside from using this product for stunted growth among children, manufacturers are now delving constantly into other uses of HGH, such as pituitary tumors, chronic illness, and aging.

Other brands of HGH

There are many manufacturers of HGH nowadays and they differ according to the cells lines which are used in manufacturing them. Nevertheless, they also differ in their administration and side effects, especially hypersensitivity reactions. It is advisable that you check with your doctor first before using a certain brand of HGH.

The other brands of HGH are: Genotropin and Genotropin MiniQuick manufactured by Pharmacia (Pfizer), Humatrope manufactured by Eli Lilly and Company, Norditropin manufactured by NovoNordisk, Nutropin and Nutropin AQ manufactured by Genentech , Protropin manufactured by Genentech, Saizen manufactured by Serono and Serostim manufactured by Serono. It is necessary to check with your doctor first before using a new brand of human growth hormone because you may not develop hypersensitivity reactions with one brand yet may develop in the other brand.