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Here you will find useful information about the benefits, advantages, ingredients and side effect of Chrysalis XS Spray.

Chrysalis XS Spray Overview

Chrysalis XS Spray is a very simple form of the HGH drug and is largely used by athletes and show-business performers due to its effectiveness and efficiency. It is a trouble-free product, which is easy to consume and is effectively absorbed directly in to the blood stream.

Chrysalis XS Spray is a modified growth hormone supplement which is administered in the form of a spray. This innovative product can be directly administered by exposing it to any body surface. This product is manufactured under the direction and guidance of the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States, which ensures that it meets international quality standards and is absolutely safe to use.

How does Chrysalis XS spray work?

Chrysalis XS Spray is a homeopathic spray, which includes some of the most essential and best ingredients. However, the route of absorption of the spray is slightly complicated and works in a different manner. The procedure is as follows:

• Expose the body part which you intent to sensitize using the spray. This could be any part of the body i.e. forearm, abdomen, thighs, chest, etc

• Clean the skin thoroughly and ensure that it is dry prior to spraying on the exposed body part.

• Now, remove the head cap of this product and press on the actuator for about 30 seconds. Wait till the actuator returns back to its original position. Put the bottle aside

• The HGH drug sprayed on to the skin, tends to diffuse over the exposed area and penetrates into the tiny pores on the skin

Other product details

Also referred to as the “Cocoon GH spray”, this product is a liquid pump spray which delivers 833 nanograms of the Growth Hormone per spray. Each bottle contains about 30 ml of the liquid, which would last for approximately 192 sprays. Different people benefit with different amounts of the product, however, the recommended dosage is three sprays in the morning and three before going to bed. Some of the benefits noted with the use of this product include - a reduction in the blood pressure, improved sexual functions, about 12 pounds of fat loss per month, reduced arthritis pain, improved mental functions, and stabilized mood. This product is only recommended for use in individuals over the age of 30 years.

Some limitations of Chrysalis XS spray

• Although, user reports have demonstrated the potential benefits of the product, one of the biggest issues of concern, is the lack of information about the constituents and ingredients of the product. Unfortunately, the product manufacturers fail to provide detailed information about the constituents used in making the product

• Moreover, since Chrysalis XS Spray is a body spray product, there is little control over the intake which would mean that some one mind end up spraying a little too much or too less of the product. This further limits the efficacy of the product and exposes users to potential risk of overdose.