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How Much Does HGH Cost?

The human growth hormone has been the subject of much speculation nowadays. This is because there are many benefits derived from human growth hormone. Human growth hormone is said to have multiple benefits, ranging from building new muscle and tissue to increasing height and combat the signs of aging.

However, one of the concerns many people have nowadays is regarding how much HGH costs.

Human growth hormone treatment can last depending on the condition of the person being treated, yet usually it lasts approximately 6 months. Yet the cost being calculated by some studies is expensive, no doubt. This is why before embarking on treatment with human growth hormone, you have to take note of some points. The following are the things which are taken into consideration regarding the cost of human growth hormone treatment.

The duration of HGH therapy

Human growth hormone is said to treat a wide range of conditions. It is used to treat stunted growth in children. It can also be used to treat deficiencies in growth hormone secretion such as pituitary tumors or underdevelopment of the pituitary gland. Yet it is also used to build muscle, increase height, improve sexual function by boosting testosterone levels and delay signs of aging.

If you are being treated with human growth hormone for growth and height improvement, expect your therapy to continue for as long as six months. Yet, for aging and cosmetic reasons, the treatment period is a bit shorter, such as three months.

If you are thinking of how much you are going to spend for HGH therapy, you should think about the duration of use of HGH. If you are using HGH for many months, expect to pay a little more than if you use them for only 3 months.

You should consider that the cost of the actual vials of injectable HGH. As mentioned earlier, most people will use two vials per month. Prices for injectable HGH vary widely and range from $76 per dose to as high as $300 per dose.

Other expenses

You also need to consider the costs of your doctor’s visits. You should also think that laboratory tests are needed before human growth hormone can be administered. Sometimes, these expenses cannot be covered by your insurance company.

Your doctor may also charge an injection fee for every visit. It is said that the average patient uses two vials of HGH per month which requires two office visits per month and two injections. Again, the actual costs of these visits and injections can range from $50 to $150 and higher.

You have to consider these things before you embark on HGH treatments.