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If you are interested in knowing the answer to the question "Does HGH Burn Fat" read the following.

Fat burning supplements are a fad nowadays, together with the fad of losing weight and shaping the body. HGH is one of the substances which is becoming increasingly popular nowadays for burning fat, but is it effective?

How HGH burns fat

HGH works in many ways in order to burn fat. The first way is by increasing the amount of IGF-1 that the liver excretes. This is because IGF-1 prevents insulin from transporting glucose into cells. HGH releases insulin after carbohydrate intake so that it forces the body to burn fat for energy.

Our body usually uses glucose in order to provide energy for our cells and tissues to use in their daily processes. However, glucose in excess is stored into fat. If glucose uptake b y fat cells is blocked, then glucose in the bloodstream is released and burned directly for energy.

It is not only during the day that your body is burning fat. Even when you are at rest or during night time, HGH continuously burn fat, so that you lose weight even when you are asleep!

HGH also allows you to burn fat even when you are eating because you can be assured that IGF-1, the pro-insulin substance is continually being secreted in your body!

With HGH, you will no longer feel dizzy from too much dieting nor make any effort of crash dieting. You can eat more while burning fat because HGH increases insulin secretion which metabolizes fat and glucose for energy.

HGH burns fat by building muscles

If you build muscle, you also burn fat because HGH channels your energy and glucose into muscle building than into fat building. While you lose fat, you also build muscle, which is important in your structure and form.

HGH binds directly to the muscle cells and triggers secondary chemical messengers to make muscle cells grow and multiply. This also triggers the release of hormones that speed up metabolism and burn fat, so that you will lose weight and keep it off.