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If you are interested in knowing the answer to the question "Does HGH Grow Hair" read the following.

The hair is the crowning glory of each individual. Imagine yourself if you lose hair. Your chances of getting promoted would be lessened, as well as your chances of landing a job or a date. The hair may seem unimportant to most of us, but it actually determines our personality. It gives shape to our physique. It provides attraction to an individual. Thus we need to take care of it.

You have probably heard about a substance called Human Growth hormone. HGH is a substance produced by the pituitary gland which creates growth of cells and tissues in the body. Scientists have postulated long ago that if you administer HGH to an individual, growth and development of new cells and tissues will take place, even when you have already reached adulthood. This is especially applicable in dwarfism, hypopituitarism, malformations in bone and muscle and in the elderly population.

But can HGH grow hair? Can it replace hair supplements being sold in the market nowadays? Yes it can! Here are the reasons why.

HGH can grow hair

HGH can grow hair because it has the capacity of growing cells and tissues from the other parts of the body. It does this by releasing certain amino acids and special messengers. The amino acids serve as raw material for the new cells and tissues. In the case of hair, the main protein component is keratin. Amino acids are needed to build keratin to produce strong, healthy hair that is resistant to damage caused by physical and mechanical causes.

HGH also binds to the individual cells and speeds up cell regeneration. In the case of hair, this hormone binds to the scalp where the root of the hair is found. Once it binds to the scalp, it creates and incites a series of reactions that trigger cell regeneration and repair. Thus damaged hair cells are replaced by new hair and hair roots are stimulated to grow hair more.

HGH speeds up metabolism

Metabolism is the process of building up. In the hair, this hormone speeds up the hair growth process. The lag phase of the hair is shortened while the growth phase of the hair is extended. Remember that our hair is composed of several growth cycles and HGH has control over these processes.