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If you are interested in knowing the answer to the question "Does HGH Help Injuries" read the following.

HGH is an amazing hormone because of its effect in the growth and development of our cells and tissues in the body. However, there are recent findings that have said that HGH also has the capacity to restore health after illness and injury!

Does HGH help injuries? It is hard to believe but yes. The findings of some recent studies have shown that if you administer human growth hormone to those recovering from extreme burns and surgery, recovery and healing is faster. But how is it done? How does HGH help injury? The following are some explanations

HGH facilitates healing and repair

This is doe through several mechanisms. First, HGH directly binds to the cells through specific receptors. After binding, these cells are said to regenerate and multiply faster than without stimulation. This is useful in injury, since much tissue is lost and damage. Once HGH directly binds to the damaged tissue, there is regeneration and repair.

HGH increases protein synthesis

It is said that growth hormone also stimulates the release of insulin like growth factor of IGF-1, which has a variety of effects on cells and tissues. First, it releases growth factors that are necessary in protein synthesis needed for healing. IGF-1 also releases amino acids which is raw material for growth and repair of cells and tissues.

The human growth hormone is also said to increase the influx and decreases the efflux of amino acids into the cell. Cell proliferation is faster, as are overall protein synthesis and new tissue growth.

Growth hormone also forces the body to burn more glucose and have more energy to speed up protein synthesis during injury.

Increased bone and collagen synthesis

IGf-1 is also said to increase the stimulation of collagen, which is the raw material for connective tissue. With increased collagen, wounds increase in tensile strength and cause them to hold together and heal faster.

In the case of fractures, growth hormone is said to promote mending of broken bones. Thus you can be assured of maximized healing and recovery during trauma and injury.