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If you are interested in knowing the answer to the question "Does HGH Help You Grow Taller" read the following.

Everyone wants to be tall. Height is synonymous to success either at work or at personal life. Thus it is not surprising that many people who have not been blessed with the gift of height want to get tall.

Yet, nowadays, this is possible even at adulthood. Studies have shown that human growth hormone makes us grow taller. But is it true? Does HGH help you grow taller?

Yes it does. HGH is the new growth booster. It can make you grow taller, regardless of age and genetics. How is this possible?

Effects on bone growth and development

It is said that growth hormone stimulates the release of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). This growth factor stimulates the cartilage cells in the ends of long bones. These ends are also known as growth plates, because they are active when we were young. These growth plates are active and grow in length during puberty, leading one to increase one’s height. What happens is that after puberty, the cartilage at the ends of long bones is converted to bone, thus we stop growing in height.

Thus we need to open the growth plates if we still want to get taller. If you still have opened growth plates, you can get taller with HGH. One of the ways by which you can determine if your growth plates are still open is to do an x-ray.

Once your growth plates are open, human growth hormone can act on it, either after being administered naturally or artificially. The human growth hormone can directly bind to the growth plates of the bone and cause them to grow and multiply. Thus you increase the length of your bones and you grow taller!

IGF-1, as previously mentioned, also stimulates other hormones and chemicals which play a role in the growth process. These hormones and chemicals are also known as growth factors. These growth factors synthesize proteins, calcium and other nutrients for bone growth and cartilage growth.

The growth hormone also facilitates burning of glucose to be used as energy for the building process. Stored energy is not wasted and put to use. Thus growth in height is maximized because bone and cartilage growth is also maximized by HGH.