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If you are interested in knowing the answer to the question "Does HGH Increase Testosterone Levels" read the following.

The hormone which greatly influences male secondary characteristics is testosterone. Testosterone influences masculine characteristics such as muscular built, deepening of voice, growth of hair and beard and height increase in males. Testosterone also increases libido.

Among the many supplements available in the market today, the ones which are more effective are those containing human growth hormone. There have been reports about the fact that HGH directly increases testosterone levels. But is it true? Does HGH increase testosterone levels?

HGH and testosterone

As a backgrounder, let us first review what testosterone is and what influences its secretion. Testosterone is secreted in the testes and is the main hormone behind male characteristics such as deepening of voice, growth of beard and torso hair, and sexual libido.

An interesting fact is that testosterone seems to decline after age 30. Since male personality is highly influenced by the production of testosterone, a decline in its production leads to some serious health ramifications. And you wonder, what is in young age that makes testosterone so abundant during that time.

The secret behind testosterone secretion is growth hormone. Growth hormone is at greater levels at a young age. It controls the production of all the other hormones in the body, including testosterone. During puberty, great amounts of HGH are being secreted by the pituitary gland to have a multitude of effects.

Growth hormone also exerts its effect on the testicles. It binds directly to the testicular cells through specialized receptors. After binding to specialized receptors, growth hormone stimulates the release of testosterone. Growth hormone also stimulates the release of IGF-1 or insulin like growth factor in the liver to provide energy for making testosterone so that there will be rapid turnover of amino acids and other raw materials for hormone production. IGF-1 gives extra energy by burning readily available glucose and our fat reserves.

Growth hormone also stimulates the release of amino acids which serves as raw material for testosterone production. Hormones are made from steroid and protein building blocks, so that if there is increased raw material, there is also increased synthesis of testosterone.

Thus HGH increases testosterone levels and promotes muscle building and sexual libido.