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Brief and Straightforward Guide on: Does HGH Really Work

The Human Growth Hormone is increasingly being used for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes, but the question that is frequently asked, is, – ‘does the Human Growth Hormone therapy really work, or are these mere tall claims?’

The Human Growth Hormone, produced by the anterior part of the Pituitary gland, controls the growth and development in children and adolescents, and plays a pivotal and key role in the regulation of the density of bone, maintaining normal blood sugar level, governing fat metabolism, promoting strength and endurance, and providing emotional stability, in adults.

Research and clinical trials state that HGH therapy works satisfactorily in cases of Growth Hormone deficiency. This is one medical condition, where hormone replacement can and perhaps may be used. Most other HGH uses are considered illegal, at least in the United States of America.

Using HGH supplements to promote health

• Studies and trials conducted in elderly individuals, show that, the artificial Human Growth Hormone increases leanness, reduces fat, enhances strength and power, improves the bone density and promotes firmer and younger - looking skin.

• In adults, it is recommended for use, when the Pituitary gland is not producing sufficient quantities of the natural Human Growth Hormone. If one demonstrates symptoms of AGHD or Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency, such as weariness and low energy levels, slow healing, and slow muscle mending, he may be a likely candidate for the hormone replacement therapy using GH. Physician guided Human Growth Hormone therapy is approved for use by adults over age of 35 years, in the United States. Although, the Human Growth Hormone therapy, when appropriately prescribed, is safe, harmless, non-toxic and has no major adverse side effects, it ought to always be prescribed by a doctor.

• In recent times, the use of HGH has increased considerably, to reduce body fat, manage the lipid profile, enhance muscle mass, promote strength and endurance, augment the density of the bone and also to stabilize the mood.

• Theoretically, HGH can slash off nearly 10 - 15 years of age from the body, and make one look a lot younger. Unfortunately, there is not a great deal scientific evidence that HGH introduced in to the body, lengthens life, battles ageing or improves general health. However, it has been popularly used for increasing muscle mass in the body.

• The natural HGH works by encouraging the growth and reproduction of cells within the human body. The hormone encourages the muscles to grow, bones to become stronger, and promotes the development of internal organs. Bio-synthetic Human Growth Hormone is an injection, that is instilled into the muscle. The artificial GH imitates the functions of the natural GH by exciting the cells in the body to replicate.

The form in which HGH works

• The hormone is introduced through injections, directly into the muscle, which then enters the blood stream. Like most hormone replacement therapies, the aim of the HGH therapy is to return the patient to the fundamentally normal state of health, though some lasting consequences of the GH deficiency might still remain.

• HGH therapy does not work when the hormone is ingested or sprayed under the tongue. This is because; the hormone can not be absorbed and utilized by the body in this manner. It has to be given intramuscularly. What’s more, over–the-counter HGH supplements and products are not only illegal (HGH can only be legally obtained through a doctor’s prescription), they also make fake health claims.

• There are also certain HGH products called HGH releasers. They can be acquired without a doctor’s prescription. They are perfectly safe and do not cause any side effects that could be harmful in the long run, nor do they make sham unrealistic promises of making one look 40 years younger.

• The medical and health industry has created a few novel advances to solve the problem of making available therapeutic Human Growth Hormone to consumers, who are seeking its anti - ageing effects. There are certain products that are proposed to boost the Pituitary's production of the Growth Hormone naturally, or specific combinations of amino acids that impersonate the Human Growth Hormone in the body. There isn’t substantial scientific backing or evidence for these products though.

The HGH therapy does work, and can bring about remarkable changes, especially in individuals who are suffering from a severe deficiency of the Growth Hormone, and can consequently, help enhance one’s physical strength, increase the muscle mass in the body, and to an extent, even make one look younger. However it is essential to bear in mind that the indiscriminate usage of the therapy, without medical supervision, could result in complications and adverse side effects. The benefits of HGH therapy are many, but it is of utmost importance to ensure that the hormone replacement therapy is used rationally.