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Results of the Human Growth Hormone Cycle

Experts say that treatment with growth hormone would start giving results after it has been administered for at least a period of 3 months. Best results are seen after 9 months of therapy.

Clinical trials and users testimonials report that it is safest and ideal to begin the treatment with 2 to 3 IU/day. If no serious side effects are observed for 2 weeks, the dosage can be stepped up to 4 IU/day.

5 IU/day is sufficient to provide optimum health and to enhance lean muscle mass. However, 8 IU/day could have adverse effects, since, it interferes with the production of insulin and thyroid hormones.

In a clinical study, the use of Jintropin, consisting of the human growth hormone, and taken in 2 IU/day dosage for 3 months, resulted in optimal weight reduction. In the second cycle, the dosage was increased to 4 IU/day. Body builders and fitness enthusiasts say that after three to four months of usage, it is safer to give a month-long break before resuming the next cycle. They also advice that working out and consuming a wholesome and nutritious diet definitely helps sustain the wonderful benefits of the therapy. Male athletes and body builders need to take four to six IU/day to obtain the remarkable benefits. Administering the hormone daily is a must, as growth hormone has a half life of 20 - 30 minutes and does not stay long in the blood.

However, some side effects have also been reported after the use of the drug. Thickening of bones, increase in the heart size, diabetes and cancer are occasionally accounted. Dangerous side effects are rare.