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Read the Following article on "HGH Dosage For Women".

The dosage of the growth hormone therapy, in general, ranges from 5 to 9 IU per week, i.e. a daily dose of 1 1.8 IU.

In the case of women, it has been suggested that, 2 IU/ day for 5 days, followed by a 2 days gap, would be optimum to burn unwanted fat and achieve optimal body weight. Studies reveal that, women need a higher dosage of the hormone than men, for the management of the same condition.

A dose of 2 to 3 IU per day will not produce any adverse side effects in women, as compared to men. However, some women are extremely sensitive, and can not withstand even low doses of the hormone. With just 1 IU/day, they may feel highly energetic and over enthusiastic. So, as per the reports of women who have used this hormone, the dosage should be allotted appropriately.

A dose of 2 IU, along with T3 thyroid hormone and Clenbuterol, has been found exceedingly effective, and promises fantastic results in reduction of weight and promotion of general well being. Clenbuterol augments and speeds up the burning of fat. For cosmetic purposes, the dosage of the hormone has been suggested 12.5 microgram per week initially. Later, this dose can be gradually enhanced, without exceeding 75 micrograms per week.

In a case study, it was found that a 54 year old woman who was administering 2 IU of the hormone per day, for 2 years, could boost her entire reproductive system. Although, menopausal, her menstruation started again. At the age of 48, she had stopped menstruating. Yet, when she embarked on a regimen of Humatrope, 2 IU per day, for 6 days in a week, her menstrual cycle restarted. Hence, HGH has the potential to repeal the signs of aging and also rejuvenate the reproductive organs and related hormones like estrogen and progesterone. However, when there occurred a gap in the administration of the hormone, severe side effects like sweating in the nights, hot flushes, abrupt cessation of menses took place, etc became apparent. But, once the hormone replacement therapy was started, she enjoyed the positive effects of this wonder hormone.