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Brief and Straightforward Guide on: HGH For Anti Aging

Human Growth Hormone for Anti-Aging

As the master hormone, controlling most of the functions in our body, the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has been claimed to have several anti aging properties.

As a person ages, the hormonal levels in the body tend to fall. Clinical evidence and research studies suggest that HGH levels fall after the third decade of life at the rate of 14% per decade, so that, by the age of eighty years, a person produces only a fraction of the hormone. This information is based on a study conducted by Dr Klatz of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine, which indicated that the prime cause of aging was a fall in the Growth Hormone. As per the study, by the age of 80 years, the production of HGH is barely enough to allow rebuilding of muscles and tissues.

Studies have also demonstrated the potential benefits of taking HGH supplements to increase the level of HGH in older people. With over 120 products available in the market, in the form of sprays, supplements or injections, many claim it to be the “Fountain of youth”. There are certain added advantages that the use of HGH supplements provides: increased level of energy, vitality, increased muscle mass and overall feeling of wellbeing.

Today in the United States alone, there are several thousands of individuals who use HGH products in different forms, for anti aging. As per an estimate, there are about 20,000 to 30,000 American adults taking HGH injections, annually, for anti aging, while almost a million adults use other products like HGH sprays or HGH supplements.

HGH Research for Anti Aging

The Mayo Clinic has conducted several studies which demonstrate the potential benefits of the hormone, which include, increase in the bone density, increase in the muscle mass, concurrent reduction of body fat and increased exercise capacity.

The most frequently quoted study on HGH, was published in the early 1990s, in the New England Journal of Medicine by Rudman and associates. The study was conducted on a small group of twelve elderly participants between the age of 61 to 80 years. The findings of the study, however resulted in an upheaval in the anti aging market and resulted in the launching of innumerable HGH products. The study indicated that the Human Growth Hormone could successfully reverse the signs of aging by almost ten to twenty years. The findings were based on a cohort study which extended for a period of approximately six months.

In a more elaborate study conducted at Palm Springs Life Extension Institute in collaboration with Department of Neurology, Medical college of Wisconsin, the findings were very similar. The study was conducted over 202 participants, being treated for Growth Hormone Deficiency. The hormone replacement therapy was found to be 100% beneficial to the participants. The major findings observed were : an increase in the bone density by about 1.5 - 2.5 % over a period of six months, along with loss of fat mass and a significant gain in lean muscle mass by 10 % each. Other benefits included: higher energy levels, increased exercise endurance and expanded exercise tolerance, an overall sense of well being, vigor, improved skin texture and tone, improved mental function, improved sexual capabilities, stimulation of hair growth and disappearance of wrinkles.

Benefits of HGH for elderly

Though there is little clinical or documentary evidence available about the benefits of HGH products, (other than HGH injections), countless satisfied customers have reported the outstanding benefits of the product, and without any major side effects.

Some of the chief benefits of HGH products for anti aging include:

• The Human Growth Hormone therapy increases the energy levels, exercise endurance and stamina.
• HGH promotes good and healthy cardiac functions by reducing the levels of cholesterol in the blood.
• HGH has a potent cosmetic benefit. It has a favorable effect on the hair, nails and skin, and, improves the overall appearance of the individual. It reduces the occurrence of wrinkles, improves the texture of the skin and makes one look younger by almost 15 years. HGH improves the hair quality and promotes the growth of new hair.
• These products have known to reduce the fat composition of the body, by improving fat metabolism and increasing lean muscle mass concurrently.
• Increases the bone density which consequently reduces the occurrence of fractures and injuries, and also strengthens tendons and cartilaginous tissue, which in turn improves the ability of the patient to recover from an injury.
• Improves vision
• Improves the quality of sleep, especially, among patients experiencing insomnia.
• HGH is known to enhance sexual functions and improve libido.

Some of side effects of Human Growth Hormone

Most of the side effects are limited to HGH injections. HGH sprays or HGH supplements are considered to be milder forms of the product, and hence, are not associated with any adverse side effects. However, the indiscriminate use of any of the HGH product is linked to severe side effects and can result in complications.

Few of the most commonly documented side effects include: increased susceptibility to diabetes, swelling of joints and the face, joint pain, and carpel tunnel syndrome.

Excessive usage of HGH has also been found to be associated with an increased risk of developing colon cancer, in the elderly. Surprisingly, one of the biggest drawbacks of the prolonged use of HGH products is the reduction in the life expectancy and a proneness to develop cardiac and respiratory distress.

Recently published studies indicate that, the benefits of HGH replacement are very few especially for healthy adults. As per the studies, individuals who benefit most from the use of HGH replacement, are those suffering from Growth Hormone Deficiency.