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Read the Following article on "HGH For Back Injuries".

How Does the Human Growth Hormone Treat a Back Injury?

An individual study was made by a 57 year old lady who was suffering from severe back pain. She embarked on HGH therapy, and the report given by her was that, there was a significant improvement in the pain and that she was able to carry out her daily activities without any discomfort after the treatment. She also revealed that it was not possible for her to carry out household work before the hormone administration.

In another case study, a patient with a knee injury, the torn cartilage near the patella was operated upon. The growth hormone taken by him at a dosage of three to four IUs per day, for five days in a week, with two days off, helped him recover from the cartilage damage speedily.

HGH is highly effective in the treatment of joint complaints and speeds up connective tissue healing. Several people suffering from back problems were found to have low levels of IGF-1 in the blood. Thus, treating them with growth hormone might help bring the abnormality to normal, for, deficiency of GH might lead to chronic degenerative connective tissue and back problems.

In another case study, it was suggested that two to four IUs per day could help recover from back injuries. There is yet another case, where a 22 year old individual was administered 20 micrograms of IGF-1 LR3 version of the hormone, injected into the sacroiliac joint or the lower back, once in a week. This was done for duration of four to six weeks. Recovery was satisfactory.

There was another case study in 2000, where an individual was suffering from a severe back injury since many years. The patient was tested for IGF-1 levels and testosterone levels. The IGF-1 level was 60 units. When he was administered vitamins and growth hormone secretogogues, the IGF -1 level doubled. Though the pain subsided, there still was some discomfort. He then started taking 0.3 IU, twice per day, along with 100 mg of testosterone twice a day, and there was a tremendous decrease in the back pain. The therapy was taken for 10 weeks. HGH therapy reduced the disability in the limbs, eliminated the severe back pain and drastic depression, and brought about a radical change. Not only did the pain cease, but his mood improved, and he experienced overall wellbeing and health.