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Brief and Straightforward Guide on: HGH For Bodybuilding

The Human Growth Hormone has been widely used by body builders to promote physical endurance and tolerance, and to increase muscle mass.

When the Human Growth Hormone is released (by the Pituitary gland), it causes the liver to secrete IGF-1. IGF-1 secretion is at its peak in childhood and, adolescence. Usually, after puberty, the body ceases to grow new muscle cells. The number of muscle cells one has is determined by the genes, and, the most you can do, is augment the size of these cells, through weight-training. On the other hand, by using HGH, you can actually grow new muscle cells. HGH supplements allow you to attain an ideal muscle density.

HGH boosts the energy level and revs of the metabolism, causing one to burn more fat. The only weight that one gains, while taking HGH, is weight from lean muscle.

Athletes, frequently perform body building exercises, and use controlled doses of the Human Growth Hormone boosters alongside, to develop the muscle tissue. HGH therapy stimulates a quicker conveyance of amino acids, which consequently, augments the velocity of protein production.

Clubbing body building with HGH, and a concurrent diet program, will yield tremendous and outstanding benefits to athletes and body builders. The Growth Hormone stimulates triglyceride break down in the adipose cells, thus, burning up an immense amount of fat during the treatment. What's more, when controlled doses of the hormone are instilled in to the body, there occurs an increase in the glucose production by the liver, which in turn provokes Insulin resistance by obstructing the action of this hormone in the target cells. Henceforth, the fats become the chief source of fuel, and this helps speed up greater fat loss.

HGH versus steroids

It is very important that you differentiate the effects of HGH from the effects of steroids. Unlike steroids, weight gain (lean muscle mass) from HGH is gradual, about 1 to 2 pounds of lean muscle every 2 to 3 weeks. With steroids, all you will gain is water weight. The Human Growth Hormone also compels the body to burn stored up fat for energy. This means that, body builders can consume a lot of food and not gain any unwanted weight from fat.

Benefits of using HGH for muscle building

As a body building drug, the Human Growth Hormone offers the following advantages:

• Increases lean muscle mass
• Reduces the recovery time between work-outs
• Improves the overall performance level
• Strengthens the joints and ligaments
• Hastens the healing of damaged tissue.
• Increases protein synthesis
• Increases the amount of insulin one can utilize effectively
• Raises the amount of anabolic steroids an individual can use effectively
• Reduces the sportsperson’s vulnerability to trauma, particularly for those in to heavy weight exercises
• Improves the lifting ability

Researchers have found that the steady and prescribed use of miniscule quantities of HGH supplements and releasers, as opposed to the rapid results demonstrated by HGH injections, gives several significant benefits to athletes and body builders, along with diminishing the chances of disagreeable side-effects of the prescription.

HGH increases strength, promotes healthy weight gain, encourages fat loss, and reduces muscle loss during off - periods. The side effects of using HGH as a body building drug are negligible and rare. But, prudent and judicious use of HGH therapy under the guidance of a physician is always recommended.