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The Human Growth Hormone Helps Cure Infertility

There is practical evidence, that the human growth hormone can manage infertility successfully.

A couple was told by the doctors that they would never be able to have children, due PCOD or polycystic ovarian disease. Experts suggested that they opt for IVF treatment, through which the woman conceived three children. However, the menstrual cycle remained irregular. Thereafter, the woman embarked on HGH therapy. She took HGH Plus, which comprises of herbs, amino acids and homeopathic remedies. Over a period of time, she experienced the wonderful benefits. The periods became regular and her energy levels augmented appreciably. She was surprised to have her reproductive system responding favorably to the hormone and started ovulating properly and regularly. What’s more, HGH therapy helped her conceive, naturally, without any intervention.

Other studies also testify to the connection between the growth hormone and the male reproductive system. Administration of the growth hormone in male adults helped in the proper development of the genitals. This study was done by Laron Z and Sarel R, in 1970, published in the Journal Acta Endocrinology.

The patent WO-A-88/05662 states that this hormone, along with gonadotrophins helps in the optimal treatment of female infertility. Another patent EP-A-0300982 shows that the growth hormone releasing factor can be used to treat male infertility. Later, it was also observed from many other findings, that this hormone, in combination with other medications, could improve the semen quality in men.

In a twenty six year old man, suffering from idiopathic human growth hormone deficiency, diagnosed ten years back, the effect of HGH was studied. HGH was injected at a dosage of 2 IU per square meter of body surface, per day, and was injected subcutaneously for a duration of four months. However, there was no improvement in the semen quality. After eight months, the same dose was continued, and then changed to 6 IU, subcutaneously per day. This continued for four months, which resulted in improved quality of semen. This, and innumerable other studies indicate that HGH is highly beneficial in the treatment of infertility.