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The Human Growth Hormone Helps Recover Faster from Injuries

Dr. Richard Delamarter, a UCLA professor, is a spine surgeon from Los Angeles. He observed the effect of the growth hormone on stunted growth of children, growth hormone deficiency in adults and muscle atrophy. Through his examinations and assessments, he states that the recovery period can be reduced to half by the administration of the synthetic growth hormone treatment.

Scientific experiments reveal the efficacy of the growth hormone during the recovery period after a surgery.

Also, HGH supplements are considered as a sports medicine. It accelerates the recovery from injuries, strengthens ligaments, tendons and muscles and also helps recover faster after a strenuous work out.

Dr. Allen R. Dunn, a surgeon from Miami, treated a knee injury by filling the knee joint with joint specific growth hormone. After the HGH therapy, the knee joint showed a remarkable and distinct improvement. Dr. Dunn was confident about his debut with this hormone therapy, since, he had experimented with 800 subjects, including, athletes who showed about seventy percent of success rate. He was also sure about the drug not giving any adverse side effects. He successfully used the hormone for knee and hip replacements.

The human growth hormone is known for building muscle mass and fortifying muscle strength, even when no exercise is done by the individual. This brings about fast regeneration of the tissues, without the need for further physiotherapy after the primary healing process has taken place.

An experiment was conducted in Denmark, on rats suffering from colitis. The rats received growth hormone treatment for a week, which resulted in no loss of weight, inspite of the disorder. Whereas, the control rats, which did not receive the growth hormone, lost about eleven percent of body weight.

In other experiments done on animals, it has been proved that HGH also induces healing or recovery of various organs after surgery. This was studied by surgically removing some of the parts of the digestive tract and assessing whether the regeneration of tissues took place or not. The outcome of this clinical trial was that the growth hormone encouraged regeneration of tissues very rapidly.

Experiments also confirm a positive effect of HGH on individuals, by observing a radical improvement, along with increased IGF-1 levels.

HGH is also useful in recovery after heavy exercises. It enhances the performance by cutting down on fatigue and boosts energy levels after a strenuous workout.