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Brief and Straightforward Guide on: HGH For Weight Loss

The Physiology of Weight loss using Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone is one of the key hormones in the body, which is secreted by the Pituitary gland and has significant effects over all the body cells. The hormone works in a typical format, whereby it stimulates the liver tissue to increase the production of IGF-1 (an Insulin-like growth factor). This factor limits the ability of Insulin to transport glucose to the cells of the body.

Under normal circumstances, after one eats, the pancreas secretes Insulin, which transforms carbohydrates to glucose. This glucose is stored in the fat cells, till it is subsequently broken down to produce energy. As a normal rhythm, the body first uses all the glucose available to generate energy, before it seeks out energy from the fat reserve.

HGH stimulates the production of IGF-1, which prevents Insulin from allowing accumulation of glucose in the fat cells. This forces the body to burn down the reserve fat for the production of energy. This results in the utilization of the fat reserve first and consequently results in significant weight loss.

Beneficial effect of the Human Growth Hormone in burning fat

• The Human Growth Hormone mobilizes the body to burn down its fat reserves and hence weight loss occurs even during the inactive phases. Energy is required for all the functions of the body and hence HGH can force the body to burn fat even during sleep. Human Growth Hormone allows weight loss without the need to exercise.
• HGH completely replaces the need for a strict diet regimen and allows the individual to lose weight whilst consuming large amounts of food.
• Additional benefit of HGH therapy is that it promotes the growth and replication of new cells in the body. In a normal individual, muscular cell growth stops after puberty but HGH promotes this growth and allows an individual to gain muscle mass. This improves the muscle density and helps the individual gain a more defined and robust body structure.
• HGH increases energy levels and promotes metabolism. This allows individuals to have the same energy level with the use of biosynthetic HGH, as they experienced in their youth.

Research Studies in favor of Human Growth Hormone’s effects on weight loss

Human Growth Hormone is also referred to as the master hormone in the medical world due to its multiple effects on all areas of the body which includes bones, muscles and other organ tissues. HGH is normally plentiful in young adults till the age of 21, after which is diminishes significantly with most adults facing deficiency of the hormone by the age of 40.

Primarily the goal of any weight loss program is to lose extra fat from the body, whilst maintaining muscle mass. No other drug or therapy has been effective in doing this till date.

A study published by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, tried to evaluate the effectiveness of Growth Hormone Therapy on obese individuals. The study was conducted on a group of fifty nine men and women with an average Body Mass Index of 37 (ideal being about 21-24). All participants were divided into case and control groups. The case group was given injections of 200 µg of the growth hormone for almost one month, whilst the control group was given a placebo. Subsequently the dosage was increased in both men and women case groups. The findings were suggestive of weight loss, of approximately five pounds, which was maintained for a period of nine months, after the study was completed. The research paper suggested that the entire weight loss was attributed to the loss of body fat.

However, the finding also elicited a few negative side effects. Firstly, patients tend to develop resistance to the drug after prolonged usage of high doses, and hence, a subsequent increase in the dosage is required. Secondly, unwanted side effects include swelling, joint pain, glucose intolerance (which is a risk factor for diabetes) and hypertension. The study showed that the Growth Hormone improved the cholesterol profile of the patients and increased the HDL cholesterol by 19% (HDL cholesterol is the better form of cholesterol which prevents plaque formation and prevents cardiac arrest).

A similar study, published in New England Journal of Medicine by the University of Wisconsin, attempted to understand the effect of the use of Human Growth Hormone on elderly males. The study was conducted on 12 men in the age group of 61 to 80 years, over a period of six months. It was observed that the men lost 14% of their body fat whilst gaining approximately 8.8% of muscle mass. Further, HGH therapy also enhanced the thickness and firmness of skin, wrinkles disappeared and sexual performance improved. As per the report, a treatment for one year can reverse effects of ageing by almost 10 years.

Yet another study conducted in the same time frame by University of New Mexico School of Medicine showed that Human Growth Hormone supplements helped reduce body fat by 1.5% and increased muscle mass by three pounds on an average, among healthy adults in the age group of twenty two to thirty three years.

Human Growth Hormone and Weight loss

Human Growth Hormone is treated as one of the most valuable tools for weight loss, especially, among the morbidly obese individuals. The drug has shown beneficial effect on enhancing the lean body mass and enhancing exercise endurance. It is worthwhile to note that recent advances in medical science have made several individuals aspire for a healthy and young life, however, caution is recommended. There are several fake products in the market, which make similar claims of providing growth hormones through the “oral route” or though “homeopathic dosage”. It is thus, essential to ensure that the biosynthetic HGH that is selected, be genuine, FDA approved, and taken under the guidance of a trained medical physician.