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Brief and Straightforward Guide on: HGH For Women

Human Growth Hormone

The Human Growth Hormone is produced by the anterior Pituitary gland. The hormone is released in short spurts, through out the day, especially, during the initial hours of sleep and post work - out or exercise, and remains in the blood circulation for very little time. This nature of the HGH, makes it hard to be evaluated in the blood serum. This protein – based hormone, is necessary for the normal growth and development in children; and for the normal metabolism, to sustain a good muscle tone, to improve physical endurance, boost energy levels, and stabilize the mood, in adults.

The action of the Human Growth Hormone starts weakening gradually, because, the secretion of the hormone declines after the age of 30 years, (peaks being in adolescence).

It is important to note, that the level of the Human Growth Hormone diminishes constantly, irrespective of the sex, once the adulthood phase has passed. Several researches have studied the effects of HGH therapy on men, women and children, and they have had an undisputed conclusion that HGH therapy in adults, whether man or woman, has a fundamental role in promoting longevity, as well as, improving the quality of life.

Researches on the HGH therapy

Studies propose that HGH therapy in women can retain organ functions, decrease weight, bring back skin elasticity and skin tone, prevent the development of wrinkles, restore vitality, strengthen bones, promote muscle mass, and also stabilize the mood.

In 1990, a clinical study, backed the anti ageing effects of the Human Growth Hormone. Dr Daniel Rudman’s research, (published in the New England Journal of Medicine), supported that HGH therapy can help reverse the various signs of ageing. It can assist in increasing skin thickness and tone, help reduce wrinkles, lower body fat, and increase the muscle mass, by an equivalent of 10 - 20 years.

Dr Ronald Klatz of the American Academy of Anti Ageing Medicine, states that there have been about 20,000 clinical studies and trials conducted, around the world, that document the amazing benefits of HGH therapy. He adds, that with HGH supplements, the signs or markers of ageing can be turned around.

HGH supplements can help one stay young and vibrant. Studies also say, that, although you can not get the actual Growth Hormone over the counter (injectibles), since they need a doctor’s prescription and controlled guidance, one could acquire HGH precursors that help boost the Human Growth Hormone level in the body. HGH precursors are rapidly gaining popularity and are increasingly being used to stave off the onslaught of ageing.

Clinical evidence suggests that HGH supplements are comparatively free of any adverse side effects and, are also not as expensive as the HGH injections.

Changes that appear as a Woman ages

As one ages, the level of HGH in the body starts declining constantly. Experts believe that this drop in the HGH level causes all the symptoms that the body experiences as one grows old.

With age, a woman observes certain modifications and changes in her body. The skin looses its tone and elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles appear, bone density diminishes, strength and physical tolerance reduces, the energy begins to sap, the immune system and defense mechanisms get weakened, body fat increases, particularly, around the abdomen, libido diminishes, vaginal dryness occurs, and the mental make up and mood gets affected.

Benefits of HGH therapy in Women

Human Growth Hormone therapy has become a distinctive healing opportunity for women having GH imbalance and/or deficiency. Recent studies show that several metabolic and psychological irregularities associated with a hormonal imbalance, can be successfully managed and even reversed with the Human Growth Hormone replacement therapy

Studies and clinical trials have demonstrated the following benefits of HGH therapy in women

• Increased energy levels
• Decreased body fat
• Better emotional well-being and stability
• Improved memory and concentration
• Increased libido
• Stronger bones, better bone density
• Improvement in the skin's appearance, tone and elasticity.
• Reduction in wrinkles, since, HGH stimulates new elastin and collagen formation
• Strengthens cardiac output, lowers blood pressure
• Restores muscle mass
• Improves sleep
• Helps re-grow hair and restore hair color as well
• Lowers cholesterol and helps maintain healthy lipid levels
• Improves vision
• Improves moods
• Increases stamina
• Improves immunity
• Increases sex drive
• Reduces night sweats and hot flushes associated with menopause
• Battles osteoporosis, since, HGH stimulates the growth of bone and cartilage

These favorable effects of HGH treatment in women are well documented and research – backed.

Types of HGH treatments that one can use

Injectable HGH is the only formulation that has been endorsed by the FDA. HGH sprays, pills and precursors are available without a doctor’s prescription and do not have the FDA sanction.

Concerns regarding HGH treatment therapy

• HGH treatment is accompanied by certain side effects. But, the side effects are minimal and rare. The unfavorable effects that could occur are: a raise in the blood sugar level, fluid retention in the body and skin rashes.
• There is no strict adherence / observance regarding the use of HGH pills and sprays. But, prudence is important if you are tempted to purchase these formulations.
• Importantly, not every one is suitable for the Human Growth Hormone treatment. Only a physician can make the appropriate decision. HGH should always be used in moderation, optimally, and under the care and controlled supervision of a licensed physician.
• Doctors and researchers caution against the reckless and imprudent use of HGH supplements, in anticipation of feeling good, since, hormones taken in surplus, (even in the small quantities), can have injurious effects, including, worsening of bone mass density, premature signs of osteoporosis and the development of hypertension.
• Bio-synthetic supplementation of the Growth Hormone for women, men or children should be under the strict guidance and counseling of a competent endocrinologist and physician.

Nonetheless, anti ageing HGH safely boosts health and vitality, promotes a sense of well being and encourages mental stability and security.