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Are you planning to buy AgeForce Testo100 Testosterone Booster Patch? If so read the following AgeForce Testo100 Testosterone Booster Patch written by our expert.

AgeForce® Testo/100® Testosterone Booster Patch Review

According to the company, Testo/100 is the first and only “natural” Testosterone booster supplement that uses an advanced medical transdermal patch to deliver the supplement’s formula directly into the bloodstream. And that all other Testosterone boosters taken orally, (pills, capsules, powders) only deliver a small fraction of their formula’s potency after being subjected to powerful digestive acids.

We feel the company’s claims are credible in that Phase4 Pharmaceutical does basic research and development of all of their formulas and has a high degree of credibility within the market.

Effectiveness and Safety—Ingredients

According to the company, Testo/100 formula dosage is up to 100 times stronger than any other oral Testosterone booster supplements. They claim that this is due to the direct delivery of the formula into the bloodstream via the transdermal patch, versus the oral delivery used by other brands.

Testo/100 is manufactured in the company’s United States FDA Certified laboratories. In our opinion, this gives the company a high level of credibility when it comes to quality and the pharmaceutical efficacy of the product.

The Testo/100 Testosterone Booster supplement features 18 natural ingredients and the company posts the formula ingredients on their website with a nice concise description of the functions of each ingredient which we feel adds to the credibility of the supplement.

Effectiveness and Safety

The company reports having field-tested this product with a group of 50-Athletes and Physical Fitness experts worldwide before offering it for sale. Company says the product is for men only, and there are no side-affects associated with the natural testosterone boosting formula.

Company Assurance

The Company claims that direct transdermal delivery increases the strength and efficacy of formula ingredients up to 100 times the strength of comparable oral formula delivery. And with the time-release patch delivery the company claims that Testo/100 is the most powerful and effective “natural” Testosterone booster supplement on the market. Having read about the advantages of transdermal delivery versus oral delivery, we believe the company claims have merit. The company also offers a no questions asked 30-day guarantee without the need to return the unused product for full credit.

Value for Price

We have no way to comment on value for price of Testo/100 Testosterone Booster patches because, like other AgeForce products, it is a one of a kind product. Other popular oral delivery Testosterone boosters are priced at $50 to $80. So at $59.95 if Testo/100 delivers on it advertised promise, it is indeed a terrific value!

Our verdict—5 out of 5

We have decided to award AgeForce® Testo/100 Testosterone Booster patches a 5 out of 5 marks based on each of the criterion listed above. Phase4 Pharmaceutical continues to be one of the most innovative pharmaceutical companies in the HGH supplement category, and at this early stage, AgeForce® Testo/100 Testosterone Booster patches look very impressive to us.

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