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Brief and Straightforward Guide on: HGH Safety

How safe is HGH?

The Human Growth Hormone is the often referred to as, the ‘wonder product’ which successfully deals with several problems that are related to health and wellness. HGH has gained international recognition as the hormone which can solve problems related to advancing age, like - putting on weight, falling energy levels, reduced vigor, reduced mental agility and signs of aging like wrinkles, crowfeet, jowls, etc. Furthermore, the hormone has been found to be highly beneficial in increasing height among children and in the management of conditions like chronic renal insufficiency.

The benefits provided by HGH have resulted in the market being flooded with various types of HGH products, including, synthetic HGH injections, HGH activators or releasers, HGH drugs, HGH sprays, etc. The modus operandi of each one of these products, to increase the levels of HGH in the body is different.

HGH injections contain synthetic Growth Hormone, which is prepared using bio-technology. These injections are directly injected into the body, so as to complement the production of natural HGH from the Pituitary. The use of HGH injections have their own benefits, but their prolonged use has been associated with several side effects and complications. One of the major point of concern is that, the use of HGH injections, in otherwise normal persons (i.e. individuals without suppressed Pituitary functions), can actually result in artificial suppression of the Pituitary gland, and further reduce the production of natural HGH. This condition is referred to as the ‘Pituitary shut down’. This in turn, results in suppression of production of other hormones released by the Pituitary gland, which tends to have major and detrimental effects on the health of the user.

HGH drugs, HGH activators and HGH releasers are simple dietary supplements that contain a mix of amino acids, herbs and naturally occurring substances. These products don’t contain natural or synthetic HGH, but are dietary supplements, that are aimed at stimulating the Pituitary gland to increase the body’s production of the Growth Hormone. These products have limited side effects, but there is considerable amount of ambiguity over the effectiveness of these products, as not much scientific research has been conducted on these products. Most of the claims about the effectiveness of these products are based on testimonials and consumer satisfaction surveys.

Homeopathic HGH is based on the philosophy and principle of Homeopathy, where the mixture contains potentized form of HGH (i.e. doesn’t actually contain the naturally or synthetically prepared HGH). It is claimed that the product contains HGH, in such minute amounts, that it is impossible to detect it. Most of the claims of Homeopathic HGH are also based on testimonials.

Though, all the types of HGH products are not known to produce significant immediate side effects, researchers have warned that long term use of any form of HGH may be associated with some form of side effects and complications.

Understanding HGH Safety

None of the HGH products can be considered to be absolutely safe and free of any side effects. As a matter of fact, experts have listed down certain conditions that need to be borne in mind before using HGH products.

• The side effects of Human Growth Hormone are related to the dose, and the risk of complications increases with an increase in the dose. It is therefore mandated, that HGH treatment should be done under the supervision of a trained and certified doctor. However, HGH therapy requires the dose of HGH injections to be gradually increased over a period of time, as the body’s reaction to lower doses of HGH fades over a period of time.

• It is critical to understand that HGH levels tend to change over a period of time and drop only after puberty. Thus, it is of utmost vitality that you undergo a battery of tests, to ascertain the natural levels of HGH before initiating the treatment. This is very crucial, especially, in children to protect them from undue side effects.

• In adults and older people with otherwise normal levels of HGH (as per their age), the use of HGH can cause significant side effects. Hence, HGH injections are to be avoided, unless the individual actually suffers from a deficiency of Growth Hormone. It should be noted that most of the changes are serious and permanent.

• What‘s more, clinical studies have suggested that in non-diabetic and non-hypertensive adults, an over-dose of HGH can result in severe and grave complications, like cardiovascular disorders and an increased probability of developing diabetes.

FDA and HGH safety

A HGH product needs to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, as it has to comply with various quality standards and norms. The FDA approval seal is an indication of credibility of the product. Although, FDA approved products are not free of side effects, they are definitely more reliable, as compared to the unapproved products. Also, seek appropriate medical advice before using any HGH products.

Complications and Side Effects

The side effects associated with the use of HGH products are rare. The following are the usually occurring side effects:

• Minor problems: These include generalized swelling and edema, nerve damage affecting the hands and arms ( Carpel tunnel syndrome), multiple - joint, and muscle pain, severe headaches with fluid retention, etc
• Major problems: These include abnormal elongation of the bones of hands and legs, muscle weakness, distortion of facial appearance, elevated blood pressure, increased susceptibility to developing diabetes, etc
• Life threatening problems: These include increased risk of cardio-vascular disorders, risk of developing colon cancer, abnormalities of the nervous system. The prolonged use of HGH has been found to reduce life expectancy considerably, as compared to non-users.

HGH ought to be used only by those individuals who qualify for the treatment. Otherwise, normal and healthy individuals should avoid the treatment, in order to prevent potent and lethal complications. HGH therapy requires medical supervision to ensure that the dosage and the length of treatment is rationally defined.