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Brief and Straightforward Guide on: HGH Scams

What are HGH scams?

The Human Growth Hormone provides several benefits ranging from reversing the signs of aging, to enhancing height, improving stamina and exercise endurance. HGH products have been proven to be beneficial for people belonging to all age groups. The Growth Hormone has been used for long, by sports personalities and body builders, to boost energy levels, increase lean muscle mass, and enhance physical endurance. HGH has been used by the elderly to repeal the signs of aging, by almost a decade. Injectible HGH has also been used in children, to increase height.

Though HGH has innumerable benefits, the Food and Drug Administration regulates the sale of HGH products (i.e. injectable forms of HGH) in lieu of lack of adequate scientific research. Further, HGH injections are fairly expensive and have known to be associated with some side effects.

The popularity of HGH products, as a result of its persistent benefits is on a constant upswing. Consequently, the market is flooded with different types of HGH products, which have different compositions, and claim to be as beneficial as the ‘real’ thing, at a fraction of the cost of HGH injections. However, as per various tests carried out on these products, to assess their contents, it was found that most of the products did not contain HGH even in the smallest quantities. The claims of most of the product manufactures are false, with only a small percentage of products being genuine, and as per quality standards.

The Truth of HGH pills and Releasers

Certain types of amino acids, herbs and naturally occurring substances have known to be beneficial in triggering the secretion of HGH, by the Pituitary gland. Most of these products contain arginine, glutamine, ornithine, lysine, etc. As per research studies, the consumption of L-arginine, on an empty stomach can increase the production of HGH, naturally, by up to 25 % in healthy adults. This is the underlying principle used by most of the HGH pills or HGH releasers. These products do not contain HGH, but are aimed at stimulating the Pituitary gland to increase the production of HGH, naturally.

The biggest problem with HGH releasers or pills is that they are non specific. The formulations tend to stimulate the Pituitary in general, to increase the production of all the hormones (and not specifically HGH). One of the hormones released by the Pituitary gland is ACTH, which stimulates the Adrenal glands to increase the production of cortisone, which in turn, boosts the levels of energy and infuses a feeling of well being. However, this effect is temporary, and in the long run, cortisone tends to speed aging. This action of the HGH releasers is said to produce an immediate positive effect.

Furthermore, some of the HGH products contain raw animal brains (i.e. Hypothalamus or Pituitary portion of the brain). This is believed to have minute amounts of HGH. On the other hand, contaminated raw brain components can result in Spongiform Encephalopathy or Creutzfeldt Jakob disease. As per experts, the effect of HGH releasers and pills fades after the initial period of giving a sense of well being.

The truth about HGH Sprays

Anatomically, HGH is a large protein molecule which is highly fragile and contains 191 amino acids. The configuration of the molecule is also very complex, and hence, is prone to easy damage. The only way in which the exact sequence of the HGH molecule is maintained is when it occurs in the natural form, and is synthetically prepared using recombinant DNA technology. HGH is not present in plants and can not be obtained from any other source, other than the human gene.

What’s more, studies suggest that HGH can’t be absorbed by the mouth or the sublingual route. The only way in which effective quantities of HGH can be absorbed, is through a subcutaneous injection, which is available only with a doctor’s prescription. Many believe that HGH nasal sprays or oral sprays are scam products that do not contain HGH. However, these sprays claim to contain homeopathically potentized HGH, which can’t be detected, but leave an imprint of HGH, but not the actual HGH.

Liquid HGH and Lyophilized HGH

Many online product sites claim to provide liquid HGH or lyophilized HGH (i.e. HGH in the powdered form). Liquid HGH is highly sensitive to heat and loses its potency below the temperature of eight degrees. Additionally, the HGH molecule can be easily damaged due to shaking or vigorous movements. Hence, it is seemingly impossible to deliver liquid HGH through courier or post.

Lyophilized HGH is relatively stable at room temperature and can be transported via courier or post. However, HGH is an extremely expensive product and there is a high probability that the product is a counterfeit, particularly, if it is cheaper than the market price. Moreover, there is a possibility of the product being mishandled and improperly stored, resulting in poor quality or even in you getting an expired product.

Whilst purchasing these products, it is recommended that they be purchased from a known and registered dealer, rather than purchasing products online. It is best to buy these products directly from the HGH manufacturer, anti-aging clinics or the pharmacy.

How to protect yourself from HGH scams?

Before purchasing any product, it is essential to understand the following facts:

• HGH injections are the only true source of recombinant HGH available in the market. No other product provides synthetic or naturally occurring HGH.
• FDA only regulates HGH products that are in the injectable forms. Homeopathic HGH, HGH releasers, HGH sprays are considered as supplementary products and are not regulated under the FDA.
• FDA requires a medical prescription to purchase HGH injections. If an HGH product is available over the counter, it implies that it is not regulated by FDA, which in turn means, that it does not contain the ‘real’ HGH. It is illegal to purchase or sell HGH products without doctors’ prescription (although some may be available in the black market)
• HGH products like sprays, pills, releasers, etc are just nutritive supplements that are aimed at promoting the production of HGH, naturally. They do not contain HGH in any form (except for Homeopathic HGH, which has HGH in the potentized form).