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Brief and Straightforward Guide on: HGH Side Effects

Is the use of HGH associated with side effects?

The use of the Human Growth Hormone, to reverse the signs of ageing has gained tremendous momentum. Many products, like HGH sprays, HGH supplements and HGH injections are available in the market, and claim to impart the benefits of the wonder hormone, with no or minimum side effects. However, for a few decades now, scientists have revealed that the use of HGH is associated with major complications and side effects. Evidence suggests that some of the adverse effects of the use of these products can be scary.

Though many insist that the side effects are primarily associated with over dosage of HGH injection therapy, there is no escaping the fact that other products, like HGH sprays and HGH supplements may also have a detrimental effect on the health. At this juncture, it is of great essence to weigh the benefits of the treatment therapy against its drawbacks, to justify the means of regaining youth and vitality.

Documented side effects of HGH treatment

The side effects of HGH treatment and therapy range from minor alterations in the body that can be corrected with simple measures, to major life threatening complications. The complications include:

• Joint pain and swelling: Long term treatment with HGH has been known to result in unpleasant problems, like pain in the knees, elbows and wrists. This joint pain is chronic in nature and is associated with localized swelling and edema of the joints. Prolonged use of HGH products has also been associated with arthritis (i.e. chronic inflammation of joints)

• Carpel Tunnel Syndrome: A painful condition of the wrist which results in numbness and pain in the joints of the fingers, has been linked to the long term use of HGH. A study conducted by Stanford University has reiterated the frequent occurrence of this complication in users of HGH supplements.

• Elevated Blood Pressure: There is substantial amount of evidence that indicates that the use of HGH in any form is associated with an elevation of the blood pressure, especially among elderly patients already suffering from chronic hypertension.

• Increased susceptibility to the development of diabetes: Prolonged use of HGH has been strongly associated with Insulin resistance, which tends to the increased possibility of developing diabetes. Further, as HGH works consistently to reduce the level of blood sugar, the individual is at an increased risk of developing diabetic coma.

• Tumors: Use of HGH has been found to be associated with the formation of benign or malignant tumors. HGH sprays are linked to the probability of developing Pituitary tumors due to the over stimulation of the gland, along with headaches and visual problems. HGH injections are associated with development of colon cancers.

• Abnormal growth of bone and cartilage: As an essential function of HGH, HGH therapy stimulates the growth of new bones and strengthens cartilaginous tissue in the body. However, over-dosage and abuse has been associated with abnormal bone growth and hardening of the cartilaginous tissue which results in the reduction of joint movements. Abnormal facial bone growth has also been observed in some cases.

• Fluid retention and cardiac complications: Long term use of HGH replacement can result in a serious form of fluid retention, swelling of the hand and feet, impaired kidney functions and undue stress on the heart. In addition, irregular heart rhythms and development of congestive cardiac failure are some of the lethal complications of the therapy. Prolonged use of HGH therapy is associated with enlargement of the heart, which is irreversible.

• . Organ failure: HGH supplementation tends to affect the normal functioning of other organs of the body, especially, if the supplementation is done for a long period of time. The liver works harder to process the externally introduced HGH into the blood stream, which increases liver stress and may result in liver failure. Similarly, if HGH is introduced artificially into the blood for prolonged periods of time (using HGH injections), the body’s endocrine system (i.e. the Pituitary gland) stops the natural production of the hormone and finally may result in a Pituitary shut down.

• Acromegaly: This is one of the most common side effects of the protracted usage of HGH injections. This syndrome complex causes an overgrowth of the facial bones and connective tissues, which causes changes in the appearance, like protrusion of the jaw and eyebrow bone. The condition is also associated with an abnormal growth of the bones of the hand and feet, along with an increased growth of hair all over the body. This condition is also associated with a lower life expectancy and can result in premature death.

How to limit the side-effects of HGH therapy?

The adverse effects of HGH listed above come from any form of HGH usage, and hence it is critical to ensure the following, while using any form of HGH therapy,

• Firstly, always make sure that the product is manufactured by a trusted company and under proper supervision. Though these products are relatively more expensive than other products in the market, they are definitely safer. Initiating HGH therapy without adequate medical supervision may result in you ending up using spurious and inferior quality of products. Also, beware of counterfeit products that can increase the severity of the complications.

• Secondly, the complications of HGH therapy are associated with the dosage and length of the usage of the product. Try using the lowest effective dose and don’t use the product for prolonged periods of time. This can help reduce the number and severity of the complications.

• Thirdly, it is worthwhile to note that the most severe complications of HGH treatment are associated with abuse of the drug (i.e. taking too much of the drug for too long). HGH injections tend to give the best results, but are associated with the highest possibility of developing adverse effects. On the other hand, milder products like HGH sprays and HGH supplements that are available over the counter are associated with fewer complications.

• Finally, understand your need for the supplementation with HGH. HGH therapy is beneficial to children who face stunting of growth due to deficiency of the hormone. However for children who are “normally short” can never benefit by these products. Don’t rely on advertisement claims to make your decision. Take the advice of your medical professional before you start any form of HGH replacement treatment. It is essential to understand whether or not you really require the replacement treatment.

HGH treatment therapy has been associated with side effects amongst some of its users, but for many other users it has proven to be highly beneficial. Understand your need, examine your options, and don’t over-do the usage of HGH replacement therapy.