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Brief and Straightforward Guide on: HGH Sprays

The Human Growth Hormone

The Human Growth Hormone is a proteinaceous hormone secreted by the Adenohypophysis or the anterior Pituitary gland. Comprising of 191 amino acids, this hormone, sustains a wide range of body functions and processes. GH plays a critical role in deciding the growth and development pattern in children and adolescents, and regulates tissue growth, cellular repair, perks up energy levels, stimulates fat loss, encourages muscle growth, maintains muscle mass, helps have a good bone density, promotes vigor and strength, and also stabilizes the mood, in adults. It oversees the repair and / or the replacement of worn out cells, controls cell duplication, directs brain functions and also the functioning of various enzymes of the body.

The Human Growth Hormone (also termed Somatotrophin), commands various important and crucial functions, thus, it is called the chief hormone of the body.

Why does one need to take HGH supplements?

The Human Growth Hormone is released by the anterior Pituitary gland, in surges, throughout the day. Specific factors like - deep sleep, exercise, hypoglycemia, etc., are known to trigger the release of the hormone.

During childhood and adolescence, the production and secretion of the Human Growth Hormone is substantially high. However, it starts decreasing gradually, as the individual ages. The synthesis and release of Growth Hormone starts declining after the age of 30 years.

The level of the Human Growth Hormone decreases continually, irrespective of the sex, once the adulthood stage has passed. Advancing age, and declining levels of the Human Growth Hormone, make the skin lose its tone and elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles appear, vigor and physical endurance greatly reduces, the energy level begins to sap, the immune system and defense mechanisms grow weaker, body fat increases, especially around the abdomen, bone density diminishes, libido and sexual performance diminish, and the psychological make - up and mood undergo a change.

Thus, HGH supplementation becomes necessary. HGH therapy is used extensively in cases of Growth Hormone deficiency, in children and in adults.

HGH therapy can bring about extraordinary changes, especially in individuals who are suffering from a severe deficiency / imbalance of the Growth Hormone, and can help boost one’s physical strength, endurance, increase the lean muscle mass in the body, and to a certain degree, even make one look years younger. This has been substantiated by countless studies and researches, carried out by scientists around the world.

What are HGH Sprays?

• HGH Sprays usually stimulate the Pituitary gland to increase the release of the Human Growth Hormone into the blood stream.
• You do not require to measure the dose, the HGH oral spray comes in a pre-set pump spray that is devised to convey the correct dosage in to your system. The pump is designed, such that, it directly administers the supplement on to the inner lining of the mouth, where it is absorbed very quickly in to the blood stream. The HGH sprays have a huge advantage of direct and quick delivery straight in to the bloodstream, which then conveys the hormones to where they are needed the most. This form of administration is a lot swifter than waiting for the HGH pills to be broken down and metabolized. After injectible HGH, oral HGH sprays are considered to be the fastest means of HGH supplementation.
• Some sprays comprise of bio-synthetic hormones synthesized to resemble our own natural HGH 191 chain amino acids. • Most HGH oral sprays are designed to stimulate the release of GHRH (Growth Hormone Release Hormone). GHRH regulates the natural secretion of the HGH in the body.
• Importantly, these new HGH releasers claim to have very few side effects.
• However, some experts claim, that it is impossible for the hormone to be adsorbed successfully through the oral mucosa, thus making oral HGH sprays ineffective.
• The oral spray is a quick and easy method for athletes to use, and there is not the stigma attached to it, as is with steroids. • For some people the results become apparent quickly, while others experience more subtle effects from the HGH spray. Usually, the positive effects take between one to six months to be manifested. Experts say, with proper diet and exercise, results can be quicker and more pronounced.
• The effectiveness of an oral GH spray depends not only on the quality of the ingredients, but also by how it is formulated.

Benefits of HGH sprays

• HGH treatment helps lower body weight, at the same time, maintaining the muscle strength and improving the muscle mass. HGH supplements are exceedingly popular amongst athletes and weight builders, who aspire to gain lean muscle mass.
• Helps ward off the onslaught of ageing. Medical journals have shown an outstanding ability of the hormone to reverse the process of ageing. HGH supplements promise to take years off you!
• HGH increases cardiac output, lowers blood pressure, and improves cholesterol levels.
• Enhances immune function of the body
• Enhances sexual performance
• Encourages hair re-growth
• Promises a younger, tighter, firmer and wrinkle-free skin
• Peps up energy levels
• Increases bone density, making bones stronger and reduces the chances of bone fractures.
• Stabilizes the mood.


• The Human Growth Hormone Spray should not be used by individuals under 35 years, by pregnant women, by nursing mothers, by those who have or have had cancer, or by those with any other medical condition / disorder, or are taking prescription medicines.
• It is advocated that you consult your doctor before taking any HGH product.
• HGH supplementation through sprays, are accompanied by certain minor side effects, such as, joint pain and inflammation, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, etc. Several case studies have demonstrated the occurrence of severe side effects as well, like, the onset of type II Diabetes, a psychological disorder known as Duel Personality Disorder, or random violent behavior from individuals who have been otherwise passive.
• Using the supplements in a cyclical manner will enable you to eliminate the chances of acquiring undue side effects.
• Also, combining the HGH therapy with proper nutrition and robust exercise, helps maximize the benefits.