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If you are interested in knowing the answer to the question "How Does HGH Work In The Body" read the following.

HGH is a wonderful hormone. It promotes longevity and maintenance of health. It is able to restore youth, energy and vitality. It grows cells and tissues to replenish old and damaged ones. Yet, how does HGH work in the body?

How HGH works in the body

HGH has a multitude of effects in the body. First is that HGH stimulates the growth and development of body tissues. HGH does this by directly binding to target cells which make use of specialized receptors. After binding with specialized receptors, this produces a cascade of reactions which then promote the growth and development of body tissues. It works in the body as an anabolic hormone, which means to say that it builds up rather than breaks down. It synthesizes proteins, which act as raw material to cells. It speeds up metabolism to digest carbohydrates, proteins and fat to be converted into energy. Thus we feel strong with a renewed sense of vitality which makes us last longer at work and at play.

Human growth hormone has growth effects on muscles and bone tissue. Thus human growth hormone makes you grow more muscles which have increased number and increased size of muscle fibers.

Human growth hormone also burns glucose and fat to provide us with ready energy to do the things we want. Growth hormone also makes us lose weight by burning more fat even during times when we are sleeping or resting. Thus you can still lose weight even if you eat a lot of food and even if you do not exercise. HGH is guaranteed to make you lose fat even without diet and exercise.

The human growth hormone also increases testosterone in males, making them more sexually active and fertile even at an older age. It has been found out that HGH somehow increases sperm count and thus provides better chances of fertility.