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If you are interested in knowing the answer to the question "How Much Does HGH Make You Grow" read the following.

You have no idea how human growth hormone (HGH) can make you better. With HGH you can become an entirely different person. You can grow bigger to a size you can never imagine. You can grow taller. But, you may ask---how much does HGH make you grow?

Growing Big with HGH

With HGH you can become bigger, no doubt. This is because HGH is an anabolic hormone. As an anabolic hormone, growth hormone synthesizes protein to be readily available material for body tissues.

Being big is a function of both muscle and bone, and in this regard, we are going to tackle the ways in which HGH builds muscles and bone.

HGH builds muscle by two ways. First, it directly binds to the muscle tissue with the use of specialized receptors. On binding, growth hormone elicits a change in the cells and tissues—it facilities their multiplication and rapid growth. The other way is through the secretion of growth factors. These growth factors which are synthesized in the liver promote the growth and regeneration of muscle cells. In this way, you will grow much like your favorite bodybuilding star, because unlike exercise such as weight lifting which increases the size of the muscle fibers, growth hormone increases the size as well as the number of muscle fibers. Thus, you get bigger muscles than what you have gained with exercise alone!

The other aspect of being big is height, and height is dependent on the growth of your bones. Thus tall people have longer bones. You can achieve maximal effects of bone growth with growth hormone. However, you cannot expect to grow taller if your growth plates are already closed and this happens at old age. You see, at the ends of long bones, there is a membranous portion which used to be constantly dividing when we were kids—that is known as the growth plate. This growth plate ceases to regenerate further after puberty. However, with external HGH secretion, you can resume the activity of these growth plates. If you are still young and your growth plates are still open, chances are you will get to be much, much taller. But if your growth plates are already closed, do not expect to get much taller.

Thus, returning to our question with regards to how much HGH makes you grow—HGH makes you grow the maximum size possible. However, this may be dependent on some other factors such as age, genetics or illnesses. But under optimal conditions growth is at its maximum!