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If you are interested in knowing the answer to the question "How Well Does HGH Work" read the following.

How well does HGH work? You have probably heard much about HGH in anti-aging forums. Your body has been secreting growth hormone for quite sometime now. When you were in puberty, your pituitary glad has been secreting this to enhance growth and development. This hormone is made up of protein which in turn consisted of a chain of 191 amino acids.

However, as adults, our pituitary gland has ceased secreting this hormone. However, modern science has made it possible to create HGH extrinsically to be injected. Also, a lot of supplements are in the market today which claims to release HGH from the pituitary gland. But how well does this type of HGH work?

How HGH works

Administering HGH extrinsically has the same effects as that of a naturally occurring growth hormone. This growth hormone is still able to aid in a variety of health functions of the human body.

Human growth hormone works by either binding to the cells receptors directly or by enhancing the secretion of IGF-1, a proinsulin in the liver. These two actions release growth factors which act on the cells to regulate their growth and multiplication. There is rapid turnover of the cell genetic material as a result.

As a result, your muscle cells grow, leading to increase in muscle bulk and size. Your chondrocytes and osteocytes in the growth plates of your bones multiply and divide. The growth plate is the area of the long bone which grows actively during puberty, making one grow tall. Thus, even though you are older, your growth hormone will still act on the growth plates if they are still open and promote growth, thus making you grow taller!

Because of this regenerative function, damaged cells are repaired and replaced faster than the normal process. Thus you appear young and fresh looking. HGH also stimulates your body to burn glucose and fat to be converted to energy. Thus you do not get fatigued easily. You have a certain renewed strength and alert at all times.

HGH whether administered extrinsically, can still act on the body to bring about the above-mentioned benefits. That is how well HGH works—either naturally or artificially.