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Here you will find useful information about the benefits, advantages, ingredients and side effect of Live Young Oral HGH.

What Is Live Young Oral HGH?

Live Young Oral HGH is the most modern tablet form of HGH supplementation that helps improve the growth hormone level in the body significantly.

Live Young Oral HGH is an innovative, and belongs to a specially designed category of medicines which combines the highly developed molecular bio-technology, Homeopathic values and singular and distinctive processing, to generate a sense of mental and physical well-being and, also to undo many of the apparently permanent and unalterable signs of aging. The formula for Live Young Oral HGH has been rigidly studied using double - blind, controlled-placebo clinical trials, demonstrating its remarkable effectiveness in re-establishing optimal functioning of the body, enhancing physical appearance, boosting energy levels and vitality, promoting mental agility, and increasing lean muscle mass especially among aging individuals.

Live Young Oral HGH Is Clinically Verified

The product promises the following benefits and health advantages:

Dramatically reducing the common signs of aging
Increasing energy levels
Reducing body fat
Augmenting lean muscle mass

Most importantly, this product by TriMedica, has been clinically proven in double - blind, placebo - controlled clinical studies, and it does repeal the signs of aging. Also, the product does not contain any human or animal substances. Live Young follows Homoeopathic principles and is an attenuated HGH that offers the same benefits that are provided by injectable HGH, and without the high pricing and detrimental side effects.

Clinical trials conducted for Live Young Oral HGH

In three distinct clinical trials, Live Young homeopathic Growth Hormone granted benefits like - enhanced lean muscle mass, increased libido, weight loss, improved the softness of the skin and elevated energy levels and vitality. One study demonstrated an 8 - 23 % increase in the levels of Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1). In another study conducted in the double blind format, 80 volunteers, in the age group of 29 to 67 years were given the chewable tablets thrice a day. This was done for a period of three weeks and the results were assessed. The findings of the study were indicative of reduction in blood pressure, weight loss especially body fat. Alongside, there was an increase in the lean muscle mass, enhance energy levels, improved mental clarity and aided in getting a good quality of sleep.

Active Ingredients: USP Recombinant human growth hormone 6C+100C+200C
Inactive Ingredients:

Administering Live Young Oral HGH

Take three tablets, every day, for the initial four weeks. For the next two months reduce the frequency of consumption of the tablets to five times a week. Stop the supplementation for the forth month. On completion of the four month cycle repeat the entire cycle all over again. Live Young Oral HGH is recommended only in adults above 18 years of age, if possible, by individuals older than 30 years (This is the period when the natural production of HGH declines considerably).

Please note that the product is Homeopathic composition and hence to enhance absorption and increase the effectiveness it should be allowed to dissolve whilst being held under the tongue. The product is not for use in pregnant and lactating mothers, with the prior consultation of the presiding physician.