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This section provides pertinent and useful information about enhancing lean muscle mass using various natural techniques. An appropriate diet and exercise regimen are crucial aspects of body building and enhancing muscle mass. Additional knowledge regarding the anatomy and physiology are vital to understand the process. Building lean muscle mass offers several significant health benefits along with providing an aesthetic and attractive body. A physically strong, well built and robust body is also a pre-requisite for many professional fields including: sports, military, security force, modeling, etc. Unfortunately, there are very few repositories which provide accurate and comprehensive information about safe and effective techniques of body building and enhancing muscle mass.

This Muscle Building section attempts to supply all information regarding building muscle mass and toning up the body. It also provides a detailed insight into the structure of muscle, its functioning, dietary and lifestyle factors that enhance muscle mass and the effectiveness of various techniques to enhance body mass.

This page is specifically designed to grant all the requisite information regarding body building to newcomers, who are often unaware of the correct and efficient measures of body building and it will also add value to the knowledge domain of seasoned body builders and professional fitness trainers.

Muscle Building Articles

Muscle Building

There was a time when body builders were stereotyped as individuals that contained more brawn than brains. Many people assumed that it was easier to put on muscle than to successfully work at a job that required great intelligence. The fact of the matter is that in order to build muscle it is necessary to be knowledgeable in a number of different fields.

Fundamental Fields

Although nutrition and exercise are the fundamental fields that require the most knowledge; someone who is truly serious about building muscle is also keen to understand the biology and physiology of the human body so that they can improve their overall strength, physique and of course, general health. Another factor that is often neglected by newcomers is that it is more than possible to build muscle through natural means.

Health Benefits of Muscle Building

When you work to build muscle, you are effectively working out the entire body. This process results in added benefits to the overall health of the person training. Muscle building will decrease cholesterol, boost the immune system, assist in removing toxins from the body, slow ageing and most obviously; increase muscle mass which works to protect the vital organs and bones against injury. The health benefits are almost too numerous to mention which is precisely why everyone should consider muscle building as a lifestyle and not just a hobby.

Aesthetically Pleasing Qualities

Perhaps the most motivational reason for people to start muscle building is due to the aesthetically pleasing qualities that will become prevalent after a dedicated measure of time. The put it frankly, a well muscled body looks good. This not only results in an improvement on the moral of the person but also assists in basic functions associated with life. People are more attracted to well muscled individuals and this can help in terms of developing platonic business relationships as well as those related to love.


Moving on, the most important aspect of muscle building is nutrition. Without fuel it is impossible for the body to either recover or grow. The good news is that nutrition is simple and can be broken down into various segments. Protein is the fundamental building block of any muscle fiber; carbohydrates serve to provide fuel; while the additional essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals of a complete diet all help to form the complete equation. Although it is essential to eat 6 small meals throughout the day rather than the traditional 3 meals a day, below are examples of what should be eaten during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A Complex Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for those wishing to build muscle as it is vital that the body has enough energy to perform its role. It also serves to break the fast and once again kick start the body into an anabolic state. Foods that contain complex carbohydrates are perfect for this task because they slowly release energy throughout the day. Examples of these foods include oatmeal, bran, brown rice and buckwheat. Adding a couple of boiled eggs on the side is also good for increasing the protein count.

A Lean Lunch

It is important that protein is consumed throughout the day and lunch is no exception. Muscle builders in general have two favorites. The first is the relatively simple tuna sandwich with whole meal bread; this contains protein, fiber and essential fatty acids which are important. The second favorite option is a pre-grilled chicken breast fillet with brown rice and vegetables. This might sound like a full meal but is great for building muscle.

A Low Fat Dinner

The dinner should be low in fat and contain lean meat and vegetables. Leans meats can include poultry, fish, pork and beef. Beef in particular contains creatine and should be consumed at least once or twice a week. For a change it is possible to opt for a baked potato with a helping of beans and cottage cheese. Search around for some recipes to make meal times exciting.

Healthy Snacks

There are the additional 2/3 times in the day when it is necessary to consume a snack in order to keep the body topped up. Healthy snacks that can be taken include; fruits and vegetables, flapjacks, jerky, nuts, pumpkin seeds, yoghurt and the like. Stay away from unhealthy snacks that contain saturated fats. Since you are planning to build muscle, it is vital that the body never runs empty. The closest it will come to empty is while you sleep, in which case is important to consume boiled eggs and milk before bed as they contain casein which is a slow releasing protein.

Muscle Building Training

The most sought after information on muscle building is in regards to the training methods that are used. When building muscle, the main focus on exercise should revolve around compound exercises. These are exercises that utilize more than one muscle group and in so doing increase testosterone and effectively shock larger areas of the body into growing muscle. Isolation exercises work muscles singularly but also play an important role in forming a well balanced physique. Take a look around this website for detailed information on how to work the different muscle groups. In addition, always remain hydrated and rest after workouts to ensure that the muscles have time to repair and grow.

A Natural Build

In the past, people became very reliant on supplements in order to build muscle. The fact of the matter is that it is more than possible to build muscle whilst remaining completely natural. Any of the good supplements are usually created directly from food sources anyway and as such it is often more beneficial for the body to consume the actual food itself rather than a byproduct. This section of the website contains complete information on the various methods and means to build muscle in a natural, safe and healthy way. As such, feel free to take a look around to increase your knowledge because in this instance, knowledge is quite literally power.


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