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Brief and Straightforward Guide on: Natural HGH

HGH Pills: The Natural Way To Enhance HGH Levels

HGH is a complex hormone which comprises of 190 amino acids, and controls various functions in the body, ranging from tissue repair, healing, and muscle growth, to enhancing brain functions, improving physical health, improving bone strength, increasing levels of energy and aiding metabolism. However, as per the biological process of the body, the level of HGH drops with age. The production of HGH is highest around the age of early 20s, and falls considerably after this, at the rate of almost 15% every decade. The production of HGH falls drastically by the age of 80 years, when it is barely adequate to meet the basic requirements of cellular and muscular growth.

HGH pills have been used for long, to manage the hormonal imbalances that occur in the body as we age. HGH pills do not replace the HGH requirement of the body, instead, they stimulate the endocrine system to produce HGH as per the body’s requirements. It is thus, considered a safer option in comparison with HGH injections. It is the best natural option to increase HGH production in the body.

Natural Ways to enhance the production of HGH

There are certain ways in which one can promote the natural production of HGH, i.e. stimulate the Pituitary to increase the production of HGH, naturally. A regular intake of HGH pills is known to stimulate the Pituitary gland; however there are other techniques which are helpful:

• Balanced Diet: Consuming certain amino acids, lysine, like, arginine and ornithine can promote the natural release of HGH in the body. A diet rich in carbohydrates is recommended to improve the efficacy of the master hormone. Avoiding fatty foods, cheese, butter, meat, tobacco and alcohol are recommended to maximize the effects of the HGH pills.

• Regular Exercise: Excising regularly tends to increase the production of the Human Growth Hormone naturally.

• Adequate sleep: Eight hours of sleep at night, with short naps during the day have known to stimulate the Pituitary gland to increase the production of HGH.

• Consumption of stimulants: - like tobacco and alcohol tends to interfere with the functioning of the Pituitary gland and inhibits the production of HGH. Moderation is recommended, although, abstinence is very beneficial.

The above mentioned changes in life style and habits can promote the production of HGH in the body, naturally.

Benefits of Natural HGH

HGH pills, regular exercise, balanced diet and good sleep replenish the natural production of the Human Growth Hormone and provide the user with the advantage of a healthy mental and physical life. HGH has a most potent action against aging and has been considered as the wonder drug to reverse the effects of aging. Some of the health benefits of HGH pills include:

• Increasing mental health and agility: HGH can work towards improving, reviving and revitalizing the mental function, it can modify negative attitudes and enhance levels of concentration and cognition.

• Anti-aging: HGH has been known to turn back the effects of aging, by about a couple of decades. This is based on study findings by Dr Rudman, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in the early 1990s.

• Reducing fat and increasing lean muscle mass: Based on the physiological functions of HGH, bio-synthetic HGH stimulates the burn down of fat accumulated in the adipose tissue in the body, thereby, reducing the fat component of the body. Concurrently, HGH increases the lean muscle mass by almost 10 %, when used for a period of over six months.

• Rejuvenates the Skin and Hair: HGH is an anti aging hormone. Its effect tends to reduce the signs of aging by reducing wrinkles and fine lines, making the skin thicker and more elastic and improving skin texture. HGH also helps in fighting the causes of balding and hair loss in males, whilst, addressing the issue of premature graying of hair simultaneously.

• Improves cardiac functions: HGH works towards reducing and normalizing blood pressure among patients suffering from chronic hypertension. HGH also controls the blood cholesterol levels and thereby improves cardiac functions.

• Improves the immune system: HGH has potential benefits on improving and enhancing the body’s immune system to fight infections and ward off signs of aging

• Enhancing Energy levels: HGH is known to improve the level of energy, enhance stamina and ability to endure exercise. These potent benefits also have a strong implication on improving the sexual performance and functions.

Selecting the best Natural HGH: HGH pills

There are several HGH pills available in the market, which claim to provide outstanding health benefits. However, some of the supplements produced in the market are of inferior quality and do not have the required active ingredients to prompt the production of HGH naturally. On a detailed assessment, three brands of HGH supplements have emerged to be most effective.

• GenF20: Ranked as the best HGH pill supplements, this product has been known to be almost 97 % effective and generates the desired results. Other advantages of this product include: an excellent brand reputation, fast shipping and excellent level of support provided by the manufacturers and retailers. The product comes with a 67-day money back guarantee. Further, the product is prepared in FDA approved labs making the quality of the product highly reliable and safe.

• HGH Energizer: With effectiveness of almost 90 % the product has been rated as the second best in the market, based on client testimonials and satisfaction studies. It provides a money back guarantee of 60 days, and has been known for its fast shipping.

• GHR1000: The third best product in the market, GHR1000 has demonstrated to be effective in 85 % of the cases, and provides similar benefits as the other products. The only drawback of this product is, its delayed shipping and poor customer support.

Natural HGH is beneficial for individuals who do not suffer from any major form of Growth Hormone deficiencies. As against HGH injections, HGH pills and natural techniques to stimulate the endocrine system tend to take a little longer to show positive effects (i.e. about two to three months), but are equally effective, and a lot safer.