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Here you will find useful information about the benefits, advantages, ingredients and side effect of Sytropin.

Why choose Sytropin?

Sytropin is a HGH releaser product, which is specially created to increase the level of the Human Growth Hormone in the body, by naturally stimulating the Pituitary gland. HGH is the master hormone that has been proven to be highly efficacious in reversing the signs of ageing.

Sytropin is a safe product with no potential side effects. The product comprises of a well researched and scientifically combined natural pharmaceutical nutrients, herbs and other ingredients that stimulate increased production of HGH. Sytropin is available in the form of a spray which promotes the body’s defense mechanism to combat ageing. The benefits of Sytropin include:

• Sytropin helps reduce fat and cellulite and can help actively in weight loss.
• Sytropin helps muscular growth and further tones up the muscles. It increases overall energy and vitality and enhances endurance amongst athletes and body builders.
• The product has a potent effect on hair, halting the process of hair loss, promoting hair re-growth, reversing hair graying in some cases, and improving the quality and texture of hair.
• Sytropin has a cosmetic effect and helps remove both deep and fine wrinkles from the face, improves the quality and texture of the skin and promises a younger-looking skin.
• Sytropin has an advantageous effect on mental health. It boosts memory, enhances concentration, elevates mood and enhances the quality of sleep. All these factors make the mind more agile and alert.
• This HGH spray product helps hasten recovery after injury, surgery or a strong workout.
• Sytropin enhances the immune system and provides greater resistance to infections.
• Sytropin improves sexual performance and drive.
• It lowers the levels of cholesterol and blood sugar, thereby, helping in the management of cardiovascular disorders and diabetes.

Constituents of Sytropin

Sytropin is a scientifically produced mix of Growth Factors, L Group of amino acids, and specific growth factors, which are specially designed to stimulate the Pituitary gland to increase the production of the Human Growth Hormone. All the ingredients are approved and are in accordance with the Food and Drug Administration’s GRAS listing requirements for HGH products. Since, it is a dietary supplement, it is not directly regulated by the FDA. Sytropin is manufactured in the most advanced and updated pharmaceutical facility and every ingredient of the product undergoes rigid safety and effectiveness testing. The details of the ingredients and their specific action are provided here,

• Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha GPC): Its primary action is to increase the production of the master hormone. It specifically works towards overcoming cognitive disorders, improves the processing of nerve impulses responsible for coordination and balancing and improves mental agility.
• Gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA): It is an amino acid which works to improve the functioning of the Central Nervous System by aiding in neuro-transmission. It also works towards improving sleep patterns and helps get a deeper and more relaxed sleep. It also promotes fat loss.
• Glycine: An amino acid which is an integral part of the L group of amino acids, it works towards enhancing neuro-transmission, augmenting memory and enhancing cognitive skills.
• Arginine: An amino acid that helps in protein synthesis, replication of cells, enhancement of the sperm count and improving sexual potency. It also stimulates muscle growth.
• L-Dopa Bean Extract: the primary function of this ingredient is to promote the increased secretion of the Growth Hormone and help in burning fat from the adipose tissue.
• Glutamine: An essential amino acid which aids in metabolism and improves the overall performance and stamina. The amino acid is a building block for the lining of the stomach and intestine, and is beneficial in preventing gastro-intestinal ulcers. It also has a favorable effect on the immune system of the body.
• Isoleucine and Valine: These two amino acids work in synergy, and are considered essential for wound healing and helping in the growth of new muscle tissue. These amino acids increase the bio-availability of complex carbohydrates and help in anabolic muscle building. They are also used as essential chemicals for neuro-transmission.
• Tyrosine: An amino acid which relives depression and acts as a strong mood elevator. This ingredient also increases the secretion of melanin in the skin.
• Lysine: Its primary function is to maintain the level of nitrogen in the body, conserve calcium and assist in the maintenance of arteries and veins
• Moomiyo Extract: As an ingredient which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, Moomiyo extract promotes healing, and prevents age related disorders, which occur due to hormonal imbalances. It has been found considerably useful in the management of osteoarthritis and other conditions that cause tenderness and soreness of the joints.
• Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate: This ingredient has a positive effect on healing of wounds, enhancing immunity and improving athletic performance. It also promotes the growth of new muscle cells in the body.
• Other inactive ingredients include lecithin phospholipids, malto-dextrin, citric acid, sodium citrate and de-ionized water.

How to use Sytropin?

Sytropin is available in the form of sprays. It is recommended that two full sprays should be taken each morning and should be held under the tongue, for a couple of minutes to aid absorption by the oral mucosa. This can be followed by four sprays before bed time to ensure the maximum benefit of the supplement.

Other details about Sytropin

• Though the product may respond differently in different people it would take approximately three months before the benefits and the favorable effects of the product become evident.
• Sytropin is available in some health stores and retail shops. However, it is largely ordered online or through mail order.
• Sytropin combines the benefits of Homeopathic HGH with growth factors and amino acids, which maximizes the effectiveness of the product significantly.
• There is a 90 Day Guarantee of satisfaction or money back after the use of Sytropin. If the client is not satisfied, all the money is refunded (minus the shipping charges).
• The product is priced at US $ 60 for one month supplies, which makes it a very cheap and economical option.