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Brief and Straightforward Guide on: Uses Of HGH

The wonder hormone: HGH

The Human Growth Hormone has been for long used to treat conditions of growth hormone deficiency in children, demonstrating stunted growth, and adults with deficient secretion of the hormone. The HGH treatment in children, helps to improve the physical built and height. In adults, it is known to treat and manage several conditions like - Ault Growth Hormone Deficiency, multiple sclerosis, chronic renal insufficiency, etc.

However, some studies conducted in the domain of HGH benefits have revealed that HGH can be highly useful in several other ways. It helps reduce weight by reducing the fat mass and concurrently increasing the lean muscle mass, it improves the texture and quality of the skin and fights the signs of aging (fine lines, wrinkles, crow feet and laugh lines), increases stamina and exercise endurance and also improves mental functions. The FDA regulates and prevents the use of HGH for conditions other than GH deficiency, chronic renal insufficiency and cachexia. This is primarily due to a lack of adequate research and documentation for the benefits of HGH in conditions other than those approved by the FDA.

Uses of HGH

Though FDA approves the use of HGH for some select medical conditions, experts believe that the benefits of the hormone are considerable. HGH are beneficial for several conditions and can improve the overall quality of life and promote health and wellness. Some of the uses of HGH are:

• Cosmetic Benefits on skin: As a person ages, the skin tends to loose its elasticity and it becomes thinner, this results in sagging and appearance of wrinkles. HGH doesn’t delays the process of aging, and some people claim that it also has the potential to turn back time. The skin becomes firmer, more elastic and thicker. The color and texture of the skin also improve.

• Boosts overall energy level and stamina: Fall in the level of HGH tends the decrease energy levels and results in loss of stamina and exercise endurance. HGH supplementation results in an overall boost in energy and creates a sense of wellness

• Benefits the bones: With age the bone density reduces, which results in osteoporosis making the bones brittle and increasing the proneness to fractures and injuries. HGH increases the absorption of calcium, makes the bones stronger, decreases fragility, and hastens healing. It has also been known to effectively treat rheumatoid arthritis.

• Benefits for Muscles: HGH is known to increase the lean muscle mass in the body. Though, studies have not indicated any specific role of HGH, in increasing the muscle strength, it has been known to increase the size of muscle cells, whilst prompting the growth of new muscle cells.

• Benefits for weight loss: It has been noticed that the hormone has been effective in reducing the adipose tissue mass by almost 8 % in adults, and stimulates the body to burn down fat reserves. Truncal obesity (deposition of fat around the waist) has been found to be associated with cardiac problems, and HGH helps reduce fat deposition, especially about the abdomen.

• Enhanced mental functions: HGH tends to improve mental agility, helps fight depression and increases concentration. It also improves the sleep patterns and is effective in the management of insomnia. HGH infuses one with a sense of well being.

• Benefits for the cardiovascular system: HGH improves the strength of muscles of the heart and also reduces the level of ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL) in the blood. HGH controls the level of triglycerides which are known to cause atherosclerosis (i.e. blockage of the arteries). HGH also increases the levels of HDL (the ‘good’ cholesterol) in the blood, which prevents plaque deposition within the arteries and prevents a myocardial infarction.

• Benefits for the kidney: Normal levels of HGH are responsible for normal functioning of the kidneys, while individuals deficient in the growth hormone have been known to suffer from renal insufficiencies.

• Boosts the immune system: HGH stimulates the immune system and defense mechanisms of the body, and improves the body’s natural immune response to various disease-causing agents (bacteria and virus). 10 Promotes hair growth: Androgenic alopecia refers to the male pattern of balding, which is common between the 18 years to 40 years. HGH prevents toxins in the body, which cause rapid hair loss and prevents recession of the hairline. Though, the role of HGH in stimulating growth of new hair is fairly limited, it slows the pace of hair loss in males.

• Enhances Sexual Desire: HGH is known to enhance sexual potency and sexuality in the elderly. In males, it increases the duration of penile erection, while, in female, it has been reported, that it increases libido, heightens pleasure and helps in having multiple orgasms. It is also known to manage a host of menstrual and post menopausal problems.

• Enhances cell protection: Latest studies in Europe have shown that HGH has potential benefits, similar to that of anti-oxidants. HGH acts on the free radicals that are known to harm the cells, while concomitantly, acting on proteases and stimulating the cellular defense systems.

• Anti-aging benefits: Research conducted by Dr Rudman in the 1990s published in the New England Journal of Medicine, clearly elicited, that the use of HGH among elderly patients reverses the process of aging by almost 20 years. HGH acts towards reducing the aging process, which in turn is known to provide several benefits.

Approved use of HGH: Food and Drug Administration Regulation

Although, there have been several claims about the benefits and uses of HGH in all the spheres of life and health, the FDA regulates the use of HGH for certain select conditions. This is primarily to prevent the abuse and unwanted use of the hormone therapy, as studies have linked the excessive use of the hormone to potential and harmful side effects. The FDA approves the use of HGH for conditions like Growth Hormone deficiency ( in adults and children), Intra Uterine Growth Retardation, Chronic renal insufficiency, Prader-Willi Syndrome and Turner’s Syndrome (congenital disorders) and Cachexia. Inappropriate use of HGH in normal healthy adults has been known to result in several unfavorable complications - joint swelling, generalized edema, nerve disorders and increased susceptibility to developing diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.