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If you are interested in knowing the answer to the question "What Does HGH Do For Men" read the following.

The human growth hormone has become a popular supplement nowadays in anti-aging and bodybuilding discussions. As a natural hormone available to us during our puberty years as secreted by our pituitary system, it enhances growth and development of body tissues, promotes repair and healing of wounds, burns fat and provides extra energy. But does it have specific effects for men?

If you are a man wanting to know what HGH can do for you, read on

What HGH can do for men?

HGH which is naturally secreted by the pituitary acts on the target cells of the body to produce specific effects. One of these effects is the release of growth factors which stimulate growth and development of tissues. HGH also enables the secretion of proinsulins in the liver which promote bone and cartilage development and burns glucose and fat for energy.

A man has specific needs different from a woman because he is more prone to a lot of stress at work and in his personal life. He also needs to be bigger and stronger and to have a lot of stamina especially in sex. This is what growth hormone offers—improved energy and stamina. Growth hormone can also improve cardiac and lung function. It is said that an increase in oxygenated blood supply increases energy and sports endurance.

Growth hormone can also help build healthy tendons and ligaments. It is said that there are fewer sports-related injuries are reported among men receiving HGH supplementation.

Growth hormone also improves muscle mass and promotes weight loss. Fat is lost, especially belly fat because of the action of proinsulins which burn fat.

Growth hormone also improves bone density. This is favorable in men since men suffer from bone loss as they age. HGH reduces the risk of fractures. It also improves sexual potency and improves libido. It also restores sexual function in older men and raises testosterone levels.