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If you are interested in knowing the answer to the question "What Does HGH Do To Your Body" read the following.

When you were young you looked and felt a lot better than today. You have increased energy and vitality to play and romp around. You feel happy all the time and stress free. You have clear smooth skin, a muscular built, and you are excited because you grow more each day. But what happened? You grew old. You now have sagging skin, graying hair, loss of muscle and increasing fat, especially around the waist, faulty memory, and slower reactions and thinking. What has gone wrong with your body?

The culprit is your pituitary gland, because it just got too lazy to make HGH or human growth hormone. But now, modern science has created artificial growth hormone and HGH releasers to provide HGH for you so that you can bring back those youthful days.

But what exactly does HGH do to your body?

What HGH does to your body

HGH is a hormone secreted in the pituitary gland which consists of 191 amino acids. This hormone is chiefly concerned with the growth and development of body tissues. This is because HGH binds directly to the target tissues in the body such as the muscles, bones, liver, kidney, skin and connective tissue. On binding, secondary messengers act to call on growth factors like amino acids and IGF-1, a proinsulin secreted by the liver. IGF-1 enhances the growth and multiplication of body tissues as well. It also burns available glucose in the bloodstream as energy and burns fat to make us lose weight. It provides a lot of energy for us as a result. You became a powerhouse, ready to do almost everything.

HGH also increases cardiac output, amplified muscle mass, enhanced memory, enhanced libido, better sleep, burning of fat, improved profile of cholesterol, stronger bones and muscles, sharper vision, enhanced immune system, re growth of hair, more agile and thicker skin, better disease resistance, increased positive mood, rapid wound healing, lowered blood pressure, and restoration of the essential organs of the body like kidney, heart, and liver. See? Such numerous benefits than what you can ever imagine!