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If you are interested in knowing the answer to the question "What Does HGH Look Like" read the following.

HGH is becoming a popular supplement nowadays, because of its numerous side effects. It promotes the growth and development of body tissues, maintains skin elasticity, delays aging, gives strength and endurance, improves immune function, boosts libido and makes us grow taller and burn fat. If you are interested, you will probably ask what HGH looks like, so that you can easily distinguish it when you buy from stores.

What does HGH look like?

Keeping in mind that there are several types of HGH and we shall describe each one by physical appearance. Let us first start with the artificial HGH injections. The more popular type is Somatropin which is a recombinant human growth hormone for injection. It appears in a white crystalline powder in transparent small medicine glass vials. These vials are stoppered in blue, green or yellow, depending on their manufacturer. Once you remove the plastic stoppers, there is a rubber stopper where you can inject your needle for withdrawal purposes and this rubber stopper is accentuated and bordered by a metal cap or tin cap. You have to read the labels in each vial. It is available in 8 units per vial and you can purchase it at lots of 25 vials per box.

You can purchase this type of HGH at drugstores or at a doctor’s office. Bear in mind that these are prescription drugs so that you cannot buy them without a prescription.

The other available forms of HGH in the market nowadays are HGH sprays and pills. HGH sprays, of course is contained in a spray bottle and is in aerosol form. This was created because many believed that the aerosol form is easy to penetrate the blood vessels and is associated with lesser side effects than the injectables. This is the principle behind sublingual spray medications, and indeed they are faster in inset than with any other route of administration.

The HGH pills are really small round pills which are taken. These are not HGH actually but are HGH releasers. These forms are available in health supplements stores and are easy to find.