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If you are interested in knowing the answer to the question "Will HGH Show Up On A Drug Test" read the following.

Drug tests are becoming very essential parts of screening for employment, enrollment and for athletes. This is done in order to exclude people who are using illegal drugs which may affect their work, environment or health.

In the field of sports, drug screening is used to exclude athletes who are using drugs to enhance energy and stamina. Drugs are an unhealthy way of inducing one’s body to perform well either at school, work or sports.

Nowadays, HGH has been used by many as an energy booster and muscle builder. HGH is not altogether bad, since there are indeed many people who actually need it such as those with growth problems, those with a less functioning pituitary and those who are aging. But most are concerned with this question—will HGH show up on a drug test?

As to this day, there is no HGH testing available. Sports leagues do not use these tests, neither do work and school authorities. However, even though there is no actual screening for HGH abuse, you can help make HGH use legal and not drive authorities to ban it. You can do so by avoiding HGH abuse. So how can you not abuse HGH? Here are some tips on how to do this.

Consult your doctor regarding HGH use

Because HGH is a hormone, it is not free from side effects, among which are hormonal imbalances. You should not play doctor and adjust your own dosages of HGH. Your doctor should first examine you and will determine the need for HGH injections. You should follow the recommended dosages so as not to cause hormonal imbalance and muscle wasting.

Observe your body for any side effects

In taking HGH supplements, you should observe for any untoward side effects so that you can monitor for any adverse reactions and you can report these side effects to a health care provider.

Do not use any illegal drugs with HGH

HGH is to be treated like any form of drug and you should not use it with any other form of illegal substances, so that you will not encounter any untoward signs and symptoms due to it.

Do not overuse or misuse

HGH is a hormone and should be treated like a drug. You should only use it for its indications and should not deviate from its normal or prescribed use.